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How to Have And Enjoy Multiple Orgasms

How to Have Multiple Orgasms - Advice at Sh! Women's Store

Experiencing more than one orgasm during a single sex session is something many of us strive for... And it's not suprising, given the amount of pressure women have to become multi-orgasmic or at least to orgasm at the drop of their pants.  Watch any (commercial/non-ethical) p0rn film and you'd be forgiven for thinking that to be multi-orgasmic is a woman's natural state (even during a blow-job!)

Let's get one thing clear - it isn't. Many women to struggle to orgasm at all. Being orgasmic is often not a sponteaneous bodily response, but actually a learned skill.

But, the other side of orgasmic coin is the fact that women's/vulva-owner's bodies are often the most capable of multi-orgasmic pleasure.  Men/penis-owners can also be multi-orgasmic ( although this is not shown in p0rn films!)

Whatever your body, the best way to become multi-orgasmic is experimentation, stanima and LOTS of varied stimulation. 

Read on for our guide on how to be multi-orgasmic. 

We can't guarantee that you will 100% become multi-orgasmic. And, where it takes you is, frankly, anyone's guess. But, what we can promise is that you'll have lots of fun, as well exploration and probably self-discovery, trying this out!

Take the pressure off - being multi-orgasmic can't be the 'GOAL'

The best way to hinder your becoming multi-orgasmic is by putting too much pressure on yourself. So take all pressure off.

Stop thinking about multiple orgasms as your goal and start feeling the journey.

Taking things slowly and steadily creates the mood, soothes your mind and puts you in a better position to fully relax into your steamy sexcursion. So, don't rush any part - after all, your first orgasm isn't the end of the journey, it's just the beginning...

Create a pleasure den worthy of multiple orgasms.

Remember, this is not a quickie sex-session, so spend some time creating the perfect environment in which to be receptive to multiple pleasure, whether with a partner or solo (the same rules apply if you are¬†masturbating ‚Äď no cutting corners!)

  • How do you like the lights? What makes you feel most comfortable and sexy? Absolute darkness, mood lighting, sunshine strategically shining in...?
  • Light scented candles (or even better a¬†massage candle, which can be used for sensual massage)¬†to ensure your sense of smell is aroused.
  • Would being fully nude, wearing lingerie, or being/getting slowly undressed¬† add to you arousal?
  • Have you made sure you won‚Äôt get interrupted? Is there enough time and privacy for this multi-orgasmic marathon?
  • Would a soundtrack of sexy music make you feel extra aroused, or would you prefer just the sound of breath and moans?
  • Are all¬†sex toys¬†fully charged and at arms reach?
  • Is your¬†bottle of lube¬†handy?¬†
  • What about Clit & G-Spot Arousal Enhancers?
  • Would a strategically-placed mirror add arousing visuals?
  • Have you been for a pee?
  • Above all, are you in a receptive mood for multiple pleasure?

It’s all in the details.

Playing with a partner? Start with an¬†erotic¬†massage. Bring out the massage oil,¬† ice cubes,¬†¬†blindfold, and¬†handcuffs ‚Äď this is the time to bring out all erotic playthings to build¬†anticipation, arousal and sexual energy.¬†

The more you build, the more chance you have to turn one orgasm into multiple orgasms. 

And, even if your session doesn't lead to multi orgasms, you’ll have such an exceptional time you won’t even care.

3 rabbit vibrators


Becoming multi-orgasmic, will usually mean your first orgasm will be a clitoral orgasm

Because that’s generally the most surefire way for women & clit-owners to experience orgasm. The maxin: ' the longer the build-up, the better the orgasm' goes for all orgasms, so don't rush your clitoral orgasm. Try edging, using a different technique or using your vibrator in a different way to prolong build-up. 

Once you’ve had a clitoral orgasm, it's usual for your clit to feel too sensitive for more stimulation.

Now is the time to move your orgasmic focus to internal pleasure. 

So, add more lube and introduce a dildo or a strap-on into the mix. A penis belonging to a consensual partner also works ;)

Choose your size, shape, texture, and sensation (vibrating or thrusting) and find the angle and pressure that stimulates your internal sweet spots. There are a few orgasmic spots inside to explore.

The A-Spot is an area deep inside, thought to be the female equivalent of the Prostate, which can trigger intense orgasms. Touching it can produce an immediate rush of lubrication.

Some women also enjoy cervix ( C-Spot) stimulation, another form of deep stimulation. Many others find it more uncomforatable than pleasurable, if their cerix is bumped, so delve gently, exploring what feels good... and what doesn't.

An illustrated diagram of the G-spot

For most, g-spot stimulation to g-spot orgasm is the easiest route to their second orgasm, athough it will still likely take time and super-high arousal to get there. You may also female ejaculate, which is why it's important to pee before starting your multi-orgasmic adventure. Many women inadvertently stop a g-spot orgasm, believing they are about to 'wet the bed' ( you might be, but it's not pee!)

The thing about a deeper orgasm is that tends to give energy rather than sapping it, like a clitoral orgasm.

Once you've had an internal orgasm, it's likely that you can explore more multi-orgasmic possibilities

You are in a state of high sexual arousal - a state that is most likely to make you multi-orgasmic, so there's no stopping you...

Enjoy the journey!

Read more orgasm advice here

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