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Rabbit Vibrators

Our collection of Rabbit Vibrators chosen by women. When we first discovered Jessica Rabbit vibrator (in '92!) we knew rabbit vibes were destined to deliver more orgasms than any other vibrator. Our body-safe rabbit vibes feature a shaft and clitoral stimulator to deliver double pleasure, inside and out. Hop over to our Rabbit Vibrator Guides and discover the bunny's special talent for blended orgasms ;)

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19 products

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19 products

  • Sh! Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator
  • Regina Wave Rabbit Vibrator - Sh! Women's StoreRegina Wave Rabbit Vibrator - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Regina Wave Rabbit Vibrator
  • Satisfyer Pro Suction G-Spot Rabbit
  • Tiny Teaser Bunny Vibrator
  • Lelo Ina Wave 2 Vibrator
  • Candy Pink Rabbit A-Spot Vibe
  • We-Vibe Nova 2 - Sh! Women's StoreWe-Vibe Nova 2 - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    We-Vibe Nova 2
  • Joanna Clitoral Suction Rabbit-Style Vibe
  • Rabbit Company Beaded Rabbit Vibrator
  • Rabbit Company Come Hither Rabbit Vibrator
  • Fun Factory Lady Bi Dual Vibrator
  • Mini Marvels Marvelous Bunny
  • Snail Vibe
  • Cora Slim Rabbit Vibe - Sh! Women's StoreCora Slim Rabbit Vibe - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Cora Slim Rabbit Vibe
  • Doxy Wand Rabbit Massager
  • Nymph Clit-Licking Wheel Rabbit Vibe
  • Satisfyer Hot Lover - Sh! Women's StoreSatisfyer Hot Lover - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Satisfyer Hot Lover
  • Satisfyer Mono Flex
  • Je Joue Hera Flex Rabbit

Rabbit Vibrator FAQ's

Rabbit vibrators are usually made up of two parts; an internal shaft plus an external stimulator for clitoral pleasure.

They rotating beads, thrusting functions or G-spot-stroking sensations. Some rabbit vibrators are without internal movement, but most offer thrilling sensations for the vagina.

The rabbit ears are designed to sit on either side of the sensitive clitoral tip, where they tickle and tease.

Because Rabbit vibrators offer clitoral and internal / G-Spot pleasure combinded, they are often excellent for delivering blended orgasms.

- Rabbit vibrators usually have two different buttons or sliders. One controls the vibration of the external clitoral stimulator, the other controls the shaft.
- Taking time to learn how to press the right buttons will ensure the Rabbit Vibe presses your buttons too!
- Coat your vulva, clit stim and bunny shaft with water-based lube to ensure a totally sensual experience.
- Slip the lubed-up shaft inside you, placing the clitoral stimulator over your clit. You may need to experiment with the best positioning to ensure it feels just right.
- Switch on one control at a time, starting with lowest setting and explore all the different sensations.
- Squeeze and release your pelvic floor against the moving beads, as this will intensify your arousal and orgasm.
- Enjoy!

Because they are reliable orgasm-givers! An external stimulator tickles & teases the clitoris, and an internal shaft rotates, thrusts or waves against the vaginal opening and G-spot area. It's hard to resist the waves of pleasure!

A double-whammy of pleasure! As rabbit vibrators are focused on the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously, orgasms tend to be intense and long-lasting as the climax bursts forth from both erogenous zones.

If you want an all-encompassing experience, or to cover all bases, then yes - a rabbit vibrator is a good first sex toy. But also, with double buttons to operate, they may feel complicated for first-time vibrator experience. Many women tell us they actually only use the rabbit ear/clit-stimulator, so a cheaper clit vibrator may be a better first toy.

Sh! Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator is our bestseller and is a classic, with twirling beads and tingling bunny ears. But we also stock shorter rabbit vibrators,longer ones and bendy ones...
Our best tips are to:
- Consider what type of sensation you want to experience.
- Think about whether you want a battery-operated bunny or prefer a rechargeable version.
- Do you want a waterproof rabbit for bath time, or maybe and rabbit vibrator that offers sensual waves against your G-spot. When it comes to rabbit vibrators, you have a whole warren to choose from!

Sex toys can soak up some of your natural juices, so using lube with your Rabbit vibrator is essential. Drizzle a generous amount of lube over the shaft and add a little extra to the clitoral stimulator. Using lube ensures your play sesh is as comfortable and sensual as possible.

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Q&A: Rabbit or Finger Vibe?

Dear Sh!

Could you please advise a 62-year old widow (with neither the desire nor the prospect of “finding another man”) on the best vibrator to buy? I’m completely new to this market and I’ve looked through your website, and am confused by the range available. I’m tempted by a rabbit-style vibrator or a simple finger vibe but would welcome your comments.

Hello there, thanks for getting in touch!

We absolutely understand – looking at all the toys on offer can feel overwhelming. Let’s see if we can help you narrow it down to the best sex toy for you.

If you usually use a fingers during masturbation, a finger vibe will add a fun buzz. The good thing about small toys is that they can easily be incorporated into partner play, should you find yourself with gentleman caller in due course. *wink*

Finger sex toys are great, but they’re limited to providing purely clitoral stimulation.

Rabbit vibrators offer internal & external pleasure. Many women discover how much pleasure their G-spot can provide with the help of a rabbit vibe. The beaded shaft rotates around just inside the opening of the vagina, giving amazing sensations...

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