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Trans & Non-Binary Sex Toys

Our collection of Trans & Non-Binary Sex Toys chosen by women. On this page, you'll find toys and products that are particularly favoured by our trans and non-binary customers. As we source more products, this page will grow! In the meantime, please let us know if you have any recommendations :)

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16 products

  • Rodeoh Strap On Pants
  • Sh! Strapless Double Dildo
  • Sh! Vibrating Strapless D...
  • Strap On Boxer Shorts
  • Trans Silicone Packer
  • Womanizer Premium Eco
  • Perfect Fit Buck Off FTM Stroker - Sh! Women's StorePerfect Fit Buck Off FTM Stroker - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Perfect Fit Buck Off FTM ...
  • Fun Factory Be One Finger...
  • Fun Factory Manta Vibrati...
  • Unisex Flutter Vibe
  • Avant P2 True Blue Transg...
  • Doxy Die Cast 3R Wand Vib...
  • Womanizer Heads Size Large x 3 - Sh! Women's StoreWomanizer Heads Size Large x 3 - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Womanizer Heads Size Larg...
  • The Transgender Child
  • Any Couple Sex Dice
  • Transitions of the Heart

Sex Toys for Trans Folx FAQ's

These toys are particularly popular with our Trans customers, but anyone can enjoy them :)

A packing dildo (or "packer") is a soft dildo used to create a natural-looking bulge in the absence of a penis and testicles. A packer is usually (but not always) too soft for penetration.

A regular dildo is firmer and designed for penetration.

StP is short for "stand-to-pee."

An StP is a (mostly) phallus-like device that lets a vulva-owning person stand to pee. Standing to pee can be gender-affirming and feel more natural than sitting down.

Practice with your new StP at home before taking it out on the town. Try it out in the shower a few times, with a full bladder for a strong stream. Once you are leak-free, it's time to move on to using the loo. Again, practice until you feel confident.

We believe that sexual pleasure, exploration and liberation are paramount to a happy, fulfilled life.

Trans colours silicone dildo

non-gendered sexual pleasure

To mark Transgender Day of Visibility, we are celebrating all trans and non-binary folks by shining a light on non-gendered sexual pleasure. In other words, if you don’t feel particularly connected to your genitals and want to explore ways of getting around this when experiencing sexual pleasure then this blog is for you.

A prime example was first introduced to us back in 2015. This was the year that Buck Angel created a game-changer in the sex toy industry with his Buck Off stroker, the world’s first toy for trans men. The slick black toy is a breath of fresh air in an ocean of pink bullets. It encourages users to feel more comfortable in their own skin when engaging in sexual activity.

This brilliant toy is only the tip of the iceberg. Read on to find out more tips and tricks to make the most out of your unique sexuality...

Read more non-gendered sexual pleasure...
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