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Advice: What Is The A-spot And How Do You Stimulate It?

Advice: What Is The A-spot And How Do You Stimulate It? - Sh! Women's Store

We're guessing you know about the clitoris and the G-spot, but are you familiar with their lesser-known relative, the A-spot? No worries if not - that erogenous zone isn't widely talked about. Read on for advice on information, location and pleasure potential of the A-spot, babes!

What is the A-spot? 

The Anterior Fornix, aka the A-spot, is a highly erogenous zone deep inside the vagina on the anterior vaginal wall above the cervix. The A-spot is described as the "female degenerated prostate" - the female equivalent of the male prostate, just as the clitoris is the female equivalent of the male glans (tip of the penis). This technical description is rather unsexy, so we prefer to think of it as 'another pleasure zone.'

Before dipping in deeper, we'll say that A-spot play is not for those who aren't fans of deep vaginal penetration. For this juicy spot to be happy, fingers, a sex toy, or a penis must slide in deep.

A-spot illustration


Stimulating the A-spot

Ensure your nails are smooth, or cover your fingers with a safer sex glove to ensure penetration is comfortable and pain-free. Be generous with lube, even if you are feeling super-turned-on.Try light, gentle strokes and go slow whilst discovering what feels best.

Feel for a patch of spongy tissue about two inches up from the G-spot. When touched, the A-spot produces an immediate increase in natural wetness.

It‚Äôs difficult to reach the A-spot on your own, so having a dexterous partner or a long sex toy¬†handy helps greatly.¬†Candy Pink Rabbit A-Spot Vibe features a tapping bead in its tip, which offers a delightful ‚Äúbounce‚ÄĚ against the A-spot.¬†The Rabbit's clitoral stimulator features classic bunny ears, which hug the clitoris snugly. The shaft has lovely flexibility, ensuring deep and comfortable penetration.

Here's what one customer had to say about the A-spot Rabbit: 

"This is a pretty cool Rabbit, takes a little getting used to the different settings for the different parts but once you get it right for you it really hits the spot!"

A bright pink rabbit vibrator


Direct stimulation of the A-spot spot can produce intense orgasms, similar to G-spot orgasms. A deeper orgasm tends to give energy rather than sapping it like a clitoral orgasm.

Dr Chua Chee Ann, known as the 'A-spot Pioneer' after publicising his findings on the A-spot. Dr Chua Chee Ann claims that stimulating the A-spot for 10 minutes daily leads to an increase in lubrication and easier orgasms. We're not sure this is 100% accurate, but you’ll have fun trying it!

Top Tip: We have it on good authority that adopting a sitting position with your legs pulled up against your body before inserting a finger or toy works well.

Learn more about erogenous zones here!

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