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How to Find your G-Spot & Have a G-Spot Orgasm

How to Find your G-Spot & Have a G-Spot Orgasm - Sh! Women's Store

Curious about the G-spot and its pleasure potential? Read on for our tips on how to find the G-spot & have a G-spot orgasm.

'Will a G-spot dildo help me find G-spot?'

'I bought a G-spot vibrator and played with it, but nothing happened - why didn't it work?'

G-spots can be tricky buggers to locate. Despite the hype of G-spot orgasms and squirting, many women & vulva owners don't find it particularly pleasurable to have this area touched. 

Before going further, we want to mention that the spot referred to as the 'G-spot' is no longer believed to be a body part on its own. Instead, the G-spot is likely to form part of the much bigger internal structure of the clitoris. There hasn’t been enough science into female bodies, so no one really knows for sure. The entirety of the clitoris was only 'discovered' in 2005, so we probably have a long way to go before we find out what the G-spot really is. 

Follow our advice below, and read our advice on the G-Spot, to discover the potential of this area, but... Remember that this is meant to be a pleasurable journey of exploration, not an exhausting expedition to the G-pole.

Arousal is essential for G-spot pleasure

There's no point (or pleasure) in chasing a G-spot orgasm without being turned on to the max. 

Having your G-spot stroked or touched without being fully aroused tends to feel less than sexy. Feeling turned on is hot in itself, but arousal fills another function for erotic G-spot play.

As your arousal builds, blood will flow into the spongy area surrounding the G-spot, causing it to swell. With the swelling, this elusive erogenous zone becomes easier to locate when this happens.

Try reading erotica or watching something sexy; enjoy a sensual massage from your partner, or tease your nipples and clit, but don’t let yourself orgasm. Keep your arousal at 'high.'

Finding the G-spot

We recommend trying to locate your G-spot with your fingers first, as they will feel the different textures of the vaginal canal.

Firstly, find a position that’s comfortable for reaching inside yourself. Try lying on your back with knees drawn up; on all fours on a bed or squatting on the floor. There is no 'better' position, just what's comfortable for you. 

With your palm covering your vulva and clitoris, slowly slip 1 or 2 lubed-up fingers inside yourself. Using a lubricant will really enhance your sensitivity. The extra moisture will also ensure you don’t scratch the delicate vaginal membranes by accident. Your fingers naturally curve forwards as you slip them inside, but crook them forward more towards your pubic bone.


A diagram of two fingers slipping inside the vagina to locate the G-spot

Where is the G-spot located?

Feel for a slightly bumpy or ridged area on the front wall of your vagina, approximately half a finger’s length inside; it could be slightly less or slightly more. Somewhere between an inch to three inches inside seems to be the norm – so don’t go delving too deep!

You’ll notice that the texture and surface of the G-spot feel different from the smoother walls of the vagina itself. The bumpy ridges are erectile tissue that swells and hardens when you feel turned on.
Some womxn find that their G-spot can be stimulated from the outside too. Try firm rubbing or patting around the urethral opening to see if this works for you.

Using G-spot toys

While we recommend learning to identify the G-spot using your fingers, it can be difficult and tiring to stimulate it to the point of orgasm solely by hand. This is where a G-spot toy with a long-ish shaft and curved, probing tip can help bring on the fireworks. But before you invest in one, it’s crucial to understand that a G-spot toy isn’t a magic wand – it’s simply a tool to make it easier.

Different types of G-spot toys

G-spot Dildos: Firm yet user-friendly with an ergonomic shape and smooth, rounded head for applying pressure on the right spot, these Sh! dildos have been specially designed for G-spot play.

Hooney G-spot Dildo in Purple

Glass DildosSmooth, sleek, firm and weighty, a dildo made of solid glass is probably one of the best G-spot toys there are. Temperature responsive, a glass dildo can be warmed or cooled to offer pleasurably different sensations to erotic zones and just a touch of your favourite lube turns glass into super-slippery sex toys.

G-spot Glass Dildo in pale pink


Steel Dildos: Steel dildos are totally different from any other dildo. Incredibly beautiful pleasure objects in look and feel, steel dildos have a sleek surface and lovely weightiness no other dildo offers. They deliver solid penetration, firm sensations, and a wonderfully slippery ride.

G-spot dildo in shiny steel


G-spot Vibrators: The G-spot responds better to firm massage than vibrations. A G-spot vibe with its curved, angled tip is designed for exploration. Plus, it gives you the option of adding a thrilling buzz to your play. Look for a tip with a large surface area to give you the best chance of locating and massaging your G-spot.

Lelo Ina G-spot rabbit vibrator in purple and white

How to stimulate your G-spot

The G-spot responds best to firm pressure, and as it swells and hardens as your arousal builds, it can take deeper pressure. Stimulate the area using a ‘come hither’ motion of your fingers and circular swirling movements.

If you're using a dildo or a vibrator, keep the toy pressing firmly on the spot and move it around in small circular motions. We call this motion 'juicing the G-spot' and we find it works incredibly well. As you're 'juicing', use a finger on your other hand to press and stimulate the area around your urethral opening.

G-spot arousal gel

Intimate Earth Discover G-spot Arousal Serum combines a unique blend of organic amino acids with Japanese peppermint, which causes increased sensitivity and blood flow. This, in turn, helps with both locating and stimulating the G-spot.

Simply massage a dab of this special serum onto your G-spot area using a finger, and you’ll soon find it swells and becomes more sensitive.


Squirting - go with the flow

One of the stumbling blocks to a G-spot orgasm is feeling like you want to pee. This is perfectly normal when you start exploring G-spot sensations. This feeling is also the main reason so many womxn stop themselves from having a G-spot orgasm.

If you want to experience a G-spot orgasm, you’ll need to train yourself out of this worry. Make sure you’ve been for a pee before play starts, and pop a towel on the bed and then relax and go with the flow… Chances are that you are *not* going to pee, so focus on turning the sensation into pleasure instead.

Using Love Balls is a fantastic way of getting in tune with your vagina. Regular pc exercise gives you better control and less leakage and improves your chances of achieving a G-spot orgasm. 


If you'd like tailored advice or recommendations, please feel free to drop us a line at We'll answer you privately. We may also share your question and our response on our blog so others can benefit. We promise it will always be anonymous, with nothing left in it to identify you.

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