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G Spot Vibrators

Our collection of G Spot Vibrators chosen by women. G-spot vibrators are designed with a curved tip to better find & pleasure the G-spot, - the elusive part of internal clitoral structure, that many Doctors say doesn't exist, but many more women/vagina-owners KNOW better! No toy will magically deliver a G-Spot orgasm; Arousal, firm pressure and juicing motions are all crucial - and that's your job!  Read how to use a G-spot vibrator for all the tips you need...

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31 products

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The G-Spot is an erogenous zone inside the vagina. It forms part of the urethral sponge, which encompasses sensitive nerve endings. As arousal builds, blood flows to this area. The urethral sponge becomes congested and expands, and the G-spot swells. Once the swelling begins, the G-spot is much easier to find.

Research into this pleasure zone is severely lacking, and the whole (clitoral) truth has yet to be uncovered. So far, science has found that the G-spot seems to be a part of the larger internal clitoris rather than a separate entity. Still, we will continue to refer to it as the G-spot so our customers can easily understand what we are talking about.

The G-spot is about 2-3 inches inside the vagina, behind the pubic bone - it's not an exact science, so it may be slightly higher or lower. Slide a well-lubed finger into the vagina and feel for a ridged, bumpy area. This is the G-spot!

G-spot stimulation is pleasuring the G-spot with fingers, sex toys or a penis. Massaging the G-spot can give intense feelings, and can lead to orgasm and female ejaculation. Stimulating your G-spot by hand can be tiring. Using a G-spot toy, whether a vibrator (this page), g-spot dildo or a glass G-Spot dildo can make it easier, as the long handles and curved tips of these toys will hone-in on the G-spot, making it easier for you to relax and focus purely on pleasure.

As long as the internal genital area and the urethral sponge is intact, the pleasure zone known as the G-spot is there. But - and this is important - not everyone experiences erotic sensations when this area is stimulated, so it might seem like the G-spot is missing or 'broken'. Blood flows to this area when you get turned on. The urethral sponge becomes engorged and expands, and the G-spot swells and becomes easier to locate and stimulate. We have found that many women & vulva-owners discover their G-spot after giving vaginal birth or during menopause, when vaginal membranes grow thinner. Don't worry if you haven't yet "found" yours. You might be saving the best for last!

We all experience pleasure and erotic sensations differently, so it's impossible to speak for everyone. But for lots of G-Spot owners, a G-spot orgasm feels FABULOUS! An orgasm that builds from the G-spot tends to be slow-building, intense and long-lasting. It's much deeper than a high-pitched clitoral orgasm. If a G-spot orgasm could speak, it would have the voice of Barry White. It might feel like you want to pee before the sensation settles and becomes pure pleasure. The PC Muscle squeezes during sex and if you have a sex toy or penis inside, your vagina may try to push it out. Hip thrusts and heavy breathing is par for the course! It's an area and an orgasm well worth exploring *wink*

An orgasm originating from the G-spot area is often described as a deep, full-body experience. It tends to give energy rather than sap it. It also makes it easier to carry on and explore multiple orgasms, as this erogenous zone doesn't get over-stimulated in the same way the clitoris does. The current belief is that the area we know (and love) as the G-spot is, in fact, the internal part of the clitoris. This could mean that the different orgasms (clitoral / G-spot) are more connected than previously believed.

From countless conversations with customers & colleagues over the past 3 decades, we believe ejaculation and squirting are two different phenomena that release fluids during intense sexual pleasure. Female ejaculate is a creamy, white-ish fluid released from the Bartholin’s glands located just inside the opening of the vagina. According to a 2011 study, female ejaculate contains some of the same components as semen. Squirting fluid comes from the Skene’s glands located on the front wall of the vagina, surrounding the urethra. It contains traces of urine but isn’t urine. Anyhoo - this is what we believe. At least until science puts more effort into female sexuality and explains more!

The G-spot isn't a magic button to orgasm or squirting - although we wish it was! Squirting can happen before an orgasm, during an orgasm, or after an orgasm (clitoral, G-spot or blended). For many, squirting has nothing to do with orgasm at all. Some women & vulva-owners can make it happen almost on cue. For others, squirting is an unexpected (or even unwelcome) surprise.

G-Spot Vibrators - Sh! Women's Store

How to Find The G~Spot & Have a G~Spot Orgasm

The ‘G-spot’ is no longer believed to be a specific spot, but part of the internal structure of the clitoris.

But you may not be able to feel it or be responsive to it's sensations until you are SUPER turned-on.

For many of us, this means at least 30 minutes, if not a full hour ior more of arousal-building.

Read or listen to watch or watch (ethical:) porn, indulge in an erotic massage with a partner, tease nipples, pleasure your clit, but DON'T let yourself climax (otherwise known as edging) Set arousal-ometer to ‘high.’ and keep it there.

As arousal builds, blood flows into the spongy area of the urethral sponge making it swell. When this happens it will be easier to identify your G-spot , and it’ll feel SO much better to have it stimulated...


Before playing with a toy, first use 1 or 2 lubed-up fingers ( palm facing your pubic bone) to feel out for the different textures inside your vagina - your feeling for a spot a few inches inside on the front wall that feels different. Peeps who've found it often say it feels thicker, ridged, or slightly rougher to the touch... 

Read more about How to Find The G-Spot & Have a G-Spot Orgasm