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Anal Dildos

Our collection of Anal Dildos chosen by women. Buying an anal dildo online can be overwhelming, especially if you're a beginner. So, we've gathered together all our best anal-pleasing dildos to help. Smaller in stature, with either sleek-sided, gently tapered or subtly stimulating shafts, every anal dildo is body-safe in both material and design, so you can relax and enjoy the ride. Read our anal dildo guide to find out more...

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16 products

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16 products

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16 products

  • Wirly 2 Slim Dildo
  • Cupid 2 Curved Dildo
  • Wirly 3 Slim Dildo
  • Cupid 1 Curved Dildo
  • Wirly 1 Slim Dildo
  • Double Diver Penetration Ring
  • Pegging Strap On Dildo Kit
    $139.00 $116.0017% Off!
  • Duchess Vibrating Dildo
  • Wirly 2 Gold Dildo
  • Cupid 4 Curved Dildo
  • White Dildo Wirly 2
  • Anal Strap On Dildo Kit
    $120.00 $99.0018% Off!
  • Wirly 4 Slim Vibrating Dildo
  • Njoy Steel Fun Wand
  • Cupid 4 Curved Vibrating Dildo
  • Remote Control Vibrating Dildo

Anal Dildo FAQ's

The anus is rich with highly responsive nerve-endings, which become even more sensitive during arousal and throb during orgasm!
- Women & vulva-owners can enjoy incredible sensations when being penetrated with an anal dildo - including stimulation of the elusive G-Spot.
- Men & penis-owners have half of the penile structure inside the body, continuing almost to the anus. For this reason, anal penetration can offer pleasure inside and out! They also have a Prostate tucked away inside their butt, which is HIGHLY receptive to stimulation.

All Sh! silicone dildos are safe for anal play as they feature wide heart-shaped bases, but other dildos may not be as safe. Anything destined for your butt must have a handle or flared base. If it doesn't, it's not safe for anal play. Simples!

You can share your anal dildo, but stock up on condoms and sex toy cleaner. You can either clean the dildo between orifices and partners; or cover the anal dildo with a fresh condom each time you swap.

Clean your anal dildo with sex sex toy cleaner (easy!) or anti-bacterial handwash and hot water. Leave to air dry before storing in a fluff-free place.

Yes. Anal lube is essential for comfortable and pain-free anal play. Add as much as you think - then add some more!

Anal Dildo with Lube - Sh! Women's Store

How to Choose an Anal Dildo?

Many customers make the mistake of buying a butt plug when what they really want is a dildo for anal sex. It’s not a massive mistake, but understanding the difference ensures you get a toy that delivers the sensations you desire.

A dildo has a regular girth (though it can be slightly flared or ribbed for pleasure), which delivers smooth anal penetration.

A butt plug has a sphincter stopper at its base that makes it stay put. A butt plug offers sensual stimulation, but it’s not designed for sliding in and out like a dildo...


Choosing an anal dildo is all about size, with getting the width right the most important consideration. Unless you are confident you know the perfect size for your anal dildo, it’s best to start off with a slim dildo. 

The anus is a delicate flower where everything, particularly size, feels magnified...

Read more about how to choose an anal dildo...