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Are There Oral Sex Simulating Toys For Women?

Are There Oral Sex Simulating Toys For Women?

Cunnilingus is one of the surest ways for a woman or vulva-owner to orgasm. Having your vulva licked and sucked is much softer than being rubbed by fingers, and a moist tongue on your clit can bring on knee-trembling climaxes.

Receiving oral sex from a partner is super-hot, and most of us probably want more - and then some more... But what if you're single or away from your lover? Or if you want something a little extra during other kinds of play?

Read on because we have some fantastic oral sex simulating toys that deliver lip-licking sensations!

Best licking & flicking oral sex toy

We have a clear winner in the electric cunnilingus race: the aptly named Wheel of Pleasure

Smooth silicone tips spin around and around for bean-licking thrills. A small amount of water-based lube turns the delivery of soft lick-flicks into almost-real oral sex sensations.

A powerful motor is housed inside the ergonomic bright pink handle. Switching on the vibrations means a gentle licking session is boosted into an all-out climatic hip-bucking extravaganza!

Bright pink oral sex vibrator with a wheel of soft licking tips.

Wheel of Pleasure is a giver of many different types of deliciousness.

Curious about rimming? Well, here's your chance! Using the wheel with its soft tongue tips allows you to explore analingus on your own terms. The anus is full of nerve endings, and moist licking here can send you straight to orgasm town...

Ensure a thorough clean of the Wheel before switching back to clit-licking, or bacteria may be transferred to a delicate area.

Read our toy tester's review of this licking wonder here

Enjoy oral sex during your period

There is no reason you can’t enjoy cunnilingus while on a period if you’re into it. Women often feel hornier during this time, which can help make it easier to orgasm. But - if you or your partner feel awkward or self-conscious about coming into contact with blood or want to ensure all play is as safe as possible, a licking sex toy is your best bud. 

One of our favourite oral sex simulation toys is this double-ended vibrator

A double ended vibrator with non-identical ends, in bright pink silicone

This vibe is shareable, or you can enjoy it solo. One end offers strong vibration, which is great, but the other end: Oh, babes, this is where the magic happens! 

A massaging bead moves under the silky-smooth silicone. This fantastic feature is just *a chef's kiss* if you love oral sex. Apply a dab of water-based lube, lay back and let the bead stroke your clitoris for as long as you like...

The magic bead has 9 slider settings, and as the On/Off button has 3-speed options, you can press it if you wanna go faster!

Suction sex toys 

Right, it's time to move on from gentle licking and make our way to some truly "suck-cessful" toys.

Bear with us.

Suction toys are relatively new on the sex toy market but have made an impression on clit-owners everywhere: This type of sex toy is orgasm-reliable in a mind-blowing way! Definitely fits the category of oral sex simulating toys!  

Clit suction vibrators indirectly stimulate the tip of the sensitive clitoris by using air pressure instead of vibration. This creates gentle throbbing sensations around the clitoris.

With the air pressure working to arouse the clitoris, you don't need to do much for an orgasm to build...maybe a bit of hip-rocking or pelvic floor squeezing...  

One of the most famous (thank you, Tik Tok!) suction toys is the Rose. 

Made from strokable silicone, Rose is perfect for sensual stimulation. The opening of Rose sits snugly over the clitoral tip, creating sucking sensations.

Rose offers 7 suction settings, going from very gentle to powerful throbbing. The pleasure modes include continuous suction, quick pulsing and a cheeky little cha-cha.

A red Rose clit suction vibrator

Here's what one customer had to say after taking the Rose suction vibe for a spin: 

"My husband bought me this and wow did it hit the spot. I followed the advice and charged it fully and then let her do her thing. It is exceptionally powerful and very quickly one orgasm became three! This little beauty is now permanently sat on my bedside cabinet ready for action."

Our toy tester had a fabulous time too - read her take on the Rose here!

Fluttering & Suction

Here's another clever-clog that deserves your attention: Fluttering & suction in one vibrator!

This multi-functioning vibe is designed to deliver a unique combination of thrills.

Like the Rose, the suction function creates oral sex sensations when placed over the clitoris. Always add a small amount of water-based lube to both clit and opening of the toy for a better seal and strong suction.

With 10 modes of suction and 10 vibrating pleasure patterns, you have so much to explore! Mix and match the settings to find what strokes your sweet spot best.

The fluttery tips are great for tickling and edging. Alternate the suction and tickling ends on your clit and spend time building your orgasm into a powerful release of sensations...

Top tip: Clit cuction vibes work on any body part that enjoys suction, like nipples. Lube up a nipple and try it! 

bright pink suction toy with fluttery tips

Use lube for real-life licking sensations

Using lube enhances all sex play. We recommend using a water-based lube with all of the sex toys in this article. 

Water-based lube is both toy & body-friendly. Adding a drizzle of lube to your clit and your toy will enhance the oral sex-like sensations, making your vibe feel like a moist, agile tongue working its magic on your pleasure bead. You can thank us later *kiss* 

Read more oral sex advice here. 

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