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Anal Beads

Our collection of Anal Beads chosen by women. Anal beads are a gentle introduction to the pleasures of anal sex and make a fabulous first anal toy for beginners. Drawn out on orgasm, anal beads can supercharge your climax. Welcome to our anal bead collection, each one body-safe, user-friendly & easy to clean. Read our anal beads guide to discover more about these booty-pleasing toys...

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9 products

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9 products

  • Sh! Beginner Anal Beads
  • Beaded Butt Plug 3
  • Sh! Ripple Glass Dildo
  • Eclipse Slender Vibrating Anal Beads
  • Lala Ribbed Silicone Anal Beads
  • Njoy Steel Fun Wand
  • Booty Call Anal Bead Vibrator
  • Lily Heart Anal Beads
  • Large Rippled Anal Beads

Anal Bead FAQ's

Anal beads are a string of graduating balls that you insert into your butt for pleasure. Sexy to insert, a sensual feeling of fullness, but the real treat comes when you draw them out at the point of orgasm... Anal beads make a great first anal sex toy for complete beginners.

- Like with all anal play, make sure you've been to the loo first.
- Washing the downstairs area is optional, but it will help you relax.
- Get comfortable, lube up the beads and your tush.
- Insert one bead at a time (no need to insert all of them if you don't want to).
- Once the beads are in, play with other areas of your (or your partner's) body.
- Play in all the ways you usually like, until you tip over into orgasm.
- Pull out anal beads (gently but steadily - you are not trying to rip-start a lawn mower!)
- Enjoy the sensation of your sphincters opening and closing.

All our anal beads are made from 100% body-safe hypoallergenic, non-porous, easy to clean materials:
- silicone anal beads feel soft, sensual & warm in use.
- metal anal beads and glass anal beads deliver cool, sleek, firm sensations.
Design-wise, all have a handle, ring or flared base to ensure anal beads don't get lost up your bum .

Anal beads offer sensual 'pop' sensations as they are gently inserted (lubed-up, of course) and then again when removed...

Clean your anal beads by spritzing them with sex toy cleaner and rinsing them with clean water. Alternatively, wash with antibacterial handwash and hot water and leave to air dry.

A specially formulated lube for anal play is best, like Sh! Pure Plus Lube . This anal lube is thicker and more long-lasting, taking care of the delicate tush during play.

Anal Beads - Sh! Women's Store

Beginners Guide to Anal Beads

Anal beads are a popular sex toy option for anal play newbies. A string of small ball-shapes, anal beads are designed to be popped into the anus and then gently pulled back out for pleasure.

The beads can be round or slightly elongated for easy insertion. They are often graduated in size, starting with the smallest bead or ball and gradually increasing in size. The idea is to slowly pop each lubed-up bead into the anus. The anal sphincter contract and relax around each new bead which is an erotic sensation many find irresistible…

Read on for:

- How to use anal beads

- Anal bead safety

- Best materials

- Vibrating anal beads

- Tips & tricks

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