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Advice: The A–U of Orgasms - A-Spot, U-Spot, G-Spot & More

Advice: The A–U of Orgasms - A-Spot, U-Spot, G-Spot & More - Sh! Women's Store

This isn't quite the full alphabet of sexy spots, but read on for our guide to erogenous zones going from the A-spot to the U-spot via the clitoris, the G-spot and the nipples...

The A-Spot

What is it?

The A-spot, or the Anterior Fornix erogenous zone, is located at the deepest point of the vagina. This sexy area is at the back of the vagina, above the G-spot but in front of the cervix.

The A-spot has been described as the ‘female degenerated prostate' - but we prefer "a vaginal spot worth exploring."

The A-spot


What do I do with it?

We recommend sitting with your legs pulled up against your body for more comfortable A-spot exploration. It can be tricky to stimulate the A-spot with just your fingers. A sex toy with a long handle can be helpful for this.

Lube up the toy and glide it in. Adjust the angle until it feels comfortable. Stroke gently aginst the A-spot, perhaps stroking the clit at the same time for maximum pleasure.

You may find that natural lubrication increases - you may get super wet - along with vaginal contractions. Repeated stimulation of the A-spot is said to increase levels of vaginal moisture, so A-spot play might be a good way to alleviate vaginal dryness.

Recommended toy

Because of where it’s situated, the A-spot can be a little hard to reach. We recommend using a long vibrator or dildo for easier stimulation - unless you have a partner who is happy to help!

The Candy Pink A-Spot Rabbit features a tapping bead in its tip, which offers a delightful “bounce” against the A-spot.

A-spot play can produce an orgasm similar to a G-spot orgasm, i.e deep and all-encompassing.

candy pink A-spot rabbit vibrator


The C-Spot (Cervix)

What is it?

The ectocervix is the gatekeeper between the cervical canal and the vagina. The center of the ectocervix can open, ceating a passgae between uterus and vagina during child birth.

The narrow opening of the ectocervix is the external os. The external os allows menstual blood to flow from the uterus into the vagina, and it also lets sperm in to fertilize the eggs.

The os, or the cervix, cannot be penetrated by a penis or sex toy.

See the illustration above for location of the C-spot.

An illustated diagram of the C-spot


What do I do with it?

Cervical play requires deep stimulation, and that's not for everyone. This type of play can be painful for some, and if this is you, we recommend giving it a wide berth. There are so many other exciting spots to enjoy!

The cervix releases excretions during arousal. This help with lubrication of the vagina, but as always: Make sure to use lube for enhanced sensations and pain-free penetration.

Cervical stimulation requires a long penis or sex toy - long enough for reaching and rubbing against your cervix. The cervix has no nerve endings, so this type of play is about pressure and a feeling of vaginal fullness.

Once you are fully turned on and feel that aching to be filled, it's time to start cervical stimulation. Try tapping, rubbing or pulsing deep into the vagina to stimulate the cervix.

You may feel the pressure building up inside your body. This intense pressure can culminate in a full-body climax, with tingling sensations from your head down to your toes.

A C-spot orgasm is reached by stimulation of this erogenous zone - not by penetrating the cervix. 

Recommended toy

The aim of the game is to stimulate the cervix, which sits at the end of the vagina. For this, you need a long penis or toy. Girth is less important for C-spot play, but the extra few inches in length matter.

The penis or long sex toys will hit the cervix during thrusting. Try rubbing or tapping the C-spot if thrusts feel too intense or painful. 

A red thrusting vibrator


The Clitoris

What is it?

We hope you know what a clitoris is, but here's a catch-up if you’re not quite sure: The clitoris is the female body's most sensitive erogenous zone. The clit sits underneath the clitoral hood at the top of the labia. The clitoris is a bit like an iceberg, and there is more of it hidden below the vulva. The clitoris is made up of erectile tissue and swells during arousal.

The internal parts play an important role when it comes to pleasure. The internal clitoris has two legs and two bulbs, and is connected to the area known as the G-spot.

The clitoris has only one job: To give pleasure. That’s all it does. And we’re sure you’ll agree it’s an incredibly important job!

An illustration of the internal clitoris


What do I do with it?

Whatever you like!

A clitoris can be stimulated with fingers, tongues, or sex toys - to mention just a few options.

If you're new to clitoral stimulation, we'd recommend exploring with a finger and some lubricant to gauge what feels good. Some folks prefer direct stimulation, whilst others find that off-putting or even de-sensitising and prefer stimulation to the sides of the clit.

Your fingers have an immediate feel and translate the sensations into tiny messages for your brain: soft, coarse, wet. Feel your way around; feel the folds, the texture and the slickness.

Imagine that the clit is a clock face. Many say 10-11 or 1-2 are the most sensitive spots. As small as your external clitoris is, one or two areas respond better to stimulation than any other part of your pleasure pearl. Once you have figured out your most responsive spot, you are on your way to orgasm.

Recommended toy

Using a vibrator is often one of the easiest and most reliable ways of reaching a clitorial orgasm. Clit vibes usually have a high-pitched buzz, but you may need to experiment to find the toy that works best for you. 

Bullet vibes are small and easy to use, and deliver pin-point thrills directly to the clitoris. 

If you're not keen on direct clitoral stimulation, a rabbit vibrator, which has eternal clit-pleasing bunny ears that stimulate the sides of your clit and has a range of vibrations to explore could be a good choice. 

If you struggle with orgasms, we recommend trying a wand massager. A 2008 study found that over 93% of 500 women who had issues with orgasming made it all the way to climax with a wand vibrator and the Betty Dodson Method.

wand massager


The G-spot

What is it?

The G-spot is probably the second most well-known erogenous zone.
Located a couple of inches inside the vagina on the front wall, it's notoriously elusive. The G-spot is a cluster of erectile tissues and blood vessels. Recent studies suggest this area is a part of the internal clitoral structure.

By inserting a lubed-up finger and stroking the front wall of the vagina, you should be able to locate a small area that feels different in texture. It feels slightly "rougher" than the smooth vaginal walls around it. This is the G-spot.


What do I do with it?

The same nerves that send G-spot sensations to the brain also send messages from the bladder, so take a bathroom break before you settle down for G-spot exploration. It may feel like you need to pee - but if you have already been to the loo, you can ignore this sensation. It should soon become pleasurable.

If you start with your fingers, we recommend getting into a squatting position or even on all fours. Coat your fingers in lube and glide inside. Feel for the rougher area mentioned above, and stimulate it in a firm come-hither motion. The G-spot responds better to firm pressure. Featherlight touches tend not to be enough to coax it out from its vaginal hiding place.

You might feel as if you need to pee, but power through this, and you may experience intense pleasure.

The G-spot can be a source of multiple orgasms. Is this something you are interested in exploring?

Keep stimulating your G-spot (and maybe your clit) through your first orgasm before taking a short break. Give yourself 20 seconds to catch your breath before resuming firm stimulation of the G-spot. You may be able to have a second orgasm quickly after :)

(We're making it sound as if it's super-easy. It's not - G-spot orgasms take time, patience and dedication.)

G-spot stimulation can be accompanied by a pleasurable gush of liquid, sometimes enough to soak the bed! This can be female ejaculation or 'squirting.'  Don't worry if this happens. It's not unusual. For peace of mind, you might want to put a towel down so you can relax and go with the flow, so to speak. 

Recommended toy

There are so many toys designed for G-spot stimulation. There are G-spot vibes and G-spot dildos, but we're going to highlight G-spot glass toys. These are firm and give unyielding stimulation - something the G-spot loves!


Glass G-spot dildo


Nipple Orgasms

What are they?

Apparently, nipple orgasms are the most common type of orgasm after clitoral. This might come (no pun intended) as a surprise, considering that G-spot orgasms are more widely spoken about.

Nipples are jam-packed with nerve endings, so even if you don't experience nipple orgasms, this is a super-erogenous zone to explore and enjoy.

What do I do with them?

This is another one that's wide open: It's up to you! Do what feels good is the mantra.

Demonstrating what kind of stimulation you love can be a fun and sensual game to play with a partner. Squeezing, stroking, nibbling or licking can all feel good. Do to them what you'd like done to you!

Oral stimulation might be the best way to experiment with your nipples' orgasmic capabilities, starting with a light touch and moving up to firm sucking. Other than that - play, explore and enjoy!

Recommended toy

Nipple suckers are fab for gentle stimulation. These silicone cups attach around the nipples and areolas for subtle sucking sensations when squeezed and released repeatedly.

If you want more intense stimulation, we recommend trying out nipple clamps. Pinch the nipple with your forefinger and thumb, then place the clamp on the nipple behind your fingers. Clamping as much as possible behind the areola will give you a much more secure pinch.

Expect a short, sharp twinge when the clamps are first attached. As blood flow to the area is gradually cut off by the clamp, this feeling subsides to a slow, sensual throbbing. Start off gently and remove the clamps after a few minutes. Remove the nipple clamps gently, and be aware that sensations can feel overwhelming when blood flows back into the nipples.

Niple clamps with red tassels

The U-Spot

What is it?

This is another erogenous zone that you might not know much about.

The U-spot is located at the opening of the urethra, which is where the name comes from. Shaped like an upside-down U, this spot is located between the vaginal opening and the clitoris, towards the top of the vulva. Stroking, patting and licking here can produce intensely pleasurable sensations.

What do I do with it?

The U-spot erogenous zone is full of erectile tissue, which fills with blood during arousal. Using one, two or three lubed-up fingers (or the whole hand), start patting around the U-spot. Build up pressure and speed as you get more turned on.

Some folks prefer to play with their bladder full, but this is very much down to personal preference. Try it and see what feels best for you :)

Recommended toy

A toy with a "tapping" function is a superb choice for U-spot play. This type of toy is designed to mimic the gentle stroke and drumming of a finger.

Starting off with a gentle patting massage, you can build intensity until the toy delivers a crescendo 'thrum' from its massaging pinpointed pad.
It might take longer to reach climax, but the trade-off is sexy clitoral and urethral sensations.

Evie Dual Tapping Vibe

The P-Spot

What is it?

The P-spot, or prostate, is an erogenous zone inside the butt of men/penis-owners. It’s a small muscular gland about a finger’s length inside the rectum. This gland can produce immensely pleasurable sensations when stimulated.


The P-spot


What do I do with it?

P-spot stimulation can be tricky without a helpful partner or prostate massager.

Whether fingers or toys are used, lube and arousal are essential for smooth and pain-free ass play.

Stroke and tease the anus before dipping a lubed-up fingertip or toy tip past the outer sphincter. Breathe deeply, think about sexy stuff, and wait for the anus to “suck” the finger or prostate massager toy deeper.

Stroke the finger or toy forward, towards the belly button (but inside the butt). You might feel like you need to pee when the finger or toy strokes against the prostate - or the pleasure may be so intense that you climax right away!

Recommended toy

Starting small is best, and we recommend choosing a slim P-spot massager for prostate exploration.

P-spot massagers have prostate-seeking stems, usually flaring out to provide a slight stretch before narrowing to a stay-in-place neck. Some are vibrating, and others are all about fulfilling sensations.

Prostate Massager


 Want more advice? Read our orgasm pages here! 

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