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Wand Vibrators

Our collection of Wand Vibrators chosen by women. Wand vibrators, like Doxy wand massager are THE most powerful vibrators ever, delivering deep, rumbly vibration like no other vibrator.  Sexologists often recommend wand vibrators to women & vulva-owners who find orgasm elusive... Read our wand vibrator guides to find out more about these magic massagers.

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11 products

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11 products

  • Doxy Wand Massager
  • Lelo Smart Wand: Medium
  • Picobong Transformer Dual-End Vibe
  • Doxy Number 3 Massage Wand Vibrator
  • Lelo Smart Wand: Large
  • Dual-Headed Massager
  • Doxy Die Cast 3R Wand Vibrator
  • Doxy Wand Rabbit Massager
  • Sweet Pop Clit Vibrator
  • Doxy Die Cast 3 Roses
  • Belle Wand Massager

Wand Vibrator FAQ's

The best magic wand vibrators are large-size massagers with a long handle and ball-shaped vibrating heads. They are the power-queens of external stimulation and are almost guaranteed to bring on intense orgasms.

Large, ball massager wand vibrators are popular because they offer a different kind of stimulation. All the different kinds of wand vibrators deliver a deep frequency of vibration that feels very different from the 'higher pitched buzz that smaller vibrators offer. Wand vibrators are often recommended by sex therapists for women & vulva-owners who can’t orgasm (yet;)  It can be difficult to not tip over into orgasm when using one of these sex toys!

How to use a wand vibrator is entirely up to you! Wands offer unrivalled power and are brilliant toys for solo and couples play. Held against vulva or perineum, their all-encompassing vibrations go deep, in a way other vibrators don't... Held against the pubic mound during intercourse will stimulate her clit, delivering so much stimulation the orgasm gap will shut with a bang!

Yes, they can be (so much power isn't without a downside, unfortunately) Check our volume rating for the individual wands under the Tech Spec tab on the product page. If noise is an issue, you may want to opt for quiet wand vibrator , thou' please be aware these are rated 'quiet - for a wand!'

Lube is the best bedroom accessory and enhances all sex play, so yes - always use lube with your wand vibrator. You will only need to lube-up the massaging head of the wand - not the whole thing!

Black magic wand massager vibrator

5 Magic Tricks for Wand Massagers

1. Lay your vibrating massager on a flat surface and sit or lay on top so you can grind against the buzzing head – this offers stimulation from a different angle!

2. Find the vibrations too strong to start with? Use your magic wand massager through underwear, place some sensual fabric or a small pillow between yourself and the wand, thus diffusing the vibrations across a larger area.

3. Place your palm over the vibrating wand, then curve your thumb around the head of the wand and use your splayed-out fingers as several small vibrators for sensual stroking…

4. A wand vibrator can be a fabulously thrilling addition to scissoring ( a position where your legs are entwined, rubbing genitals together) Wedge the ball of the wand between you and enjoy the added vibration on both your sensitive bits!

5. Combine your wand with internal pleasure of a dildo or penis - the infamously strong vibrations resonate across the whole gential area, so you'll feel them inside too!