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Male Sex Toy Collection

Our collection of Male Sex Toy Collection chosen by women. No old-school male sex toys here! Simply sensual feel-good toys that enhance penis & prostate pleasure. We believe male sexuality is more imaginative and discerning than most sex toy companies give credit for. Discover the difference of our curated male toys, of masturbators, cock-rings and prostate massagers, all selected from a female perspective.  Read our male pleasure advice guides and enjoy, solo or with a partner...

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59 products

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59 products

  • My First Clit Cock Ring - Sh! Women's StoreMy First Clit Cock Ring - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    My First Clit Cock Ring
  • Tenga Egg Silky
  • Double Diver Penetration ...
  • Power Clit Duo Cockring - Sh! Women's StorePower Clit Duo Cockring - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Power Clit Duo Cockring
  • Pegging Strap On Dildo Kit
  • Rechargeable Cock Ring
  • Tenga Egg Wonder Ring
  • Tenga Egg Lovers - Sh! Women's StoreTenga Egg Lovers - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Tenga Egg Lovers
  • X-Basic Cock-Ring 8 Shape
  • Tenga Egg Wonder Curl - Sh! Women's StoreTenga Egg Wonder Curl
    Sold out
    Tenga Egg Wonder Curl
  • Power Plug Penis Ring
  • Anal Pleasure Appetizer G...
  • Tenga Spinner Masturbator
  • Nu Sensuelle Remote Contr...
  • Rocks Off Naughty Boy Pro...
  • Ohnut Painfree Penetration Rings - Sh! Women's StoreOhnut Painfree Penetration Rings - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Ohnut Painfree Penetratio...

Male Sex Toys FAQ's

Tenga Eggs - cute masturbation cups that offer stimulating textures to envelop and stroke the penis. Not a forever toy, but you'll have so much fun while it lasts! Simply crack the egg open, pour in some water-based lube, pop over the erect penis and off you go...

Many of our customers living with painful sex / Vaginismus use Tenga Eggs for a sexy time with male partners. It's an excellent way to keep the intimacy thriving without feeling the pressure of having to have intercourse.

- Masturbation sleeves and strokers Easy to use: Simply add water-based lube before massaging up and down over the tip & shaft (plus a cheeky wrist twist every now and then;)
- Cock rings come vibrating or non-vibrating. For clitoral stimulation during intercourse we recommend a vibrating ring. For solo pleasure (and snug squeeze around penis;) a non-vibrating ring is perfect.
- Prostate massagers pleasure the male G-spot. Other male sex toys can be anal beads and butt plugs . which you can enjoy these toys solo, but they're also great for pepping-up fellatio or a hand job when playing with a partner.

Yes. Every male sex toy we carry is made from 100% body-safe materials. All anal sex toys have flared bases or ring handles, ensuring they won't disappear up your tush.
- clean your sex toy before and after use.
- Always use lube during anal play and keep a slow pace.
- Use lube that's compatible with the sex toy material ie, For silicone sex toys, use water-based lube only.

Yes. Lube enhances sensations and ensures no friction when enjoying male sex toys. Lube is essential for anal/prostate toys and makes penis sex toys feel super-sensual.

Yes, absolutely! You can have lots of fun playing with male sex toys with your partner. Your partner can use a stroker on you, or you can show off your handy skills while they watch. If you like several erogenous zones pleasured simultaneously, try using a prostate massager or anal beads as they tend to the penis with sensual hands or mouth... Pegging is fun for two, so maybe that's what floats your boat!

Choosing the best sex toy for what you have in mind is part of the fun! Are you excited about penis play? Or maybe you want to explore Prostate pleasure ? Will the toy be for solo play only (male masturbator), or will you share it with a partner ( vibrating cock ring)? Once you have figured out what tickles your pickle, take some time to look at the various toys we offer. If you are new to toys, we recommend starting small and within a comfortable budget. If you are experienced and know what you like, we invite you to blow a load on the male sex toy of your dreams!

Male Sex Toys & Pleasure

Sex toys are not only for women - men can have lots of fun with toys too!  Whether you're a single man or partnered up, there's no reason why you shouldn't treat yourself to a pleasurable sex toy.

It won't come as a surprise that the glans, shaft and party bag (ball-sack) are your hot spots, but did you know that the head of the penis (glans) has around 4000 nerve-endings on it?

Or that the hump of skin running the length of the shaft (underside) is a cylinder filled with erectile tissue and blood vessels? No wonder these places feel so good when they are touched!

Pressure and rhythm are essential for an explosive climax, but there are so many ways to tease them out...

Read more about male sex toys & pleasure
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