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Our collection of Dildos chosen by women.

Dildos are sex toys purely for penetrative pleasure. As dildo designers, we make over 30 different sizes of silicone dildos, all in sensual, ergonomic shapes and offer loads dildo advice to help you find your perfect dildo-date!

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112 products

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112 products

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112 products

  • Cupid 3 Curved Dildo
  • Wirly 2 Slim Dildo
  • Best Strap On Dildo Kit
    $152.00 $129.0015% Off!
  • Cupid 2 Curved Dildo
  • Cupid 6 Curved Dildo
  • Duchess Internal Dildo
  • Cupid 3 Curved Vibrating Dildo
  • Twista 2 Long Spiral Dildo
  • Wirly 3 Slim Dildo
  • Wirly 6 Slim Dildo
  • Wirly 2 Slim Vibrating Dildo
  • Cupid 1 Curved Dildo
  • Wirly 1 Slim Dildo
  • Cupid 2 Curved Vibrating Dildo
  • Wirly 5 Slim Dildo
  • Honey 3 G-Spot Dildo
  • Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibrating Dildo - Sh! Women's StoreLuxe Touch Sensitive Vibrating Dildo - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibrating Dildo
  • Sh! Glass G-Spot Dildo - Sh! Women's StoreSh! Glass G-Spot Dildo - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Sh! Glass G-Spot Dildo
  • Fun Factory ShareLite Strapless Dildo
  • Vibrating Strap On Dildo Kit
    $176.00 $155.0012% Off!
  • Sh! Strapless Double Dildo
  • Mistress Cupid Extra Large Dildo
  • Cupid 6 Curved Vibrating Dildo
  • Honey 6 G-Spot Dildo

How to choose the best dildo for you?

Dildo FAQ's

Customers are often confused by difference between dildos and vibrators. Here's how we separate the two: It may also vibrate, but if the main purpose of a toy is penetrative pleasure - it's a dildo!

Choosing a dildo is obviously very personal choice. Because dildos are all about penetration, the first thing to think about is size, because a dildo that's too big, or too wide, will feel uncomfortable. Next question, with all the different types of dildos available, is how you want to play?
- To wear a dildo in a strap-on or for an anal dildo, you can choose any dildo in our silicone range - it's best to go slightly longer for strap-on wear and shorter for anal play.
- Double dildos are designed to share, so you both get penetrative pleasure simultaneously.
- Glass dildos and metal dildos deliver different sensations to a regular dildo experience - sleek, weighty and temperature-responsive.

What a dildo is made from effects how easy they are to clean and thus how safe they are, particularly if you share. - ALL our dildos are made from body-safe, non-porous materials that are very easy to clean and even sterilize :)

Yes, you can! If your dildo is from Sh! it will be non-porous (silicone, glass or steel), so you can simply clean it with sex toy cleaner and rinse/wipe it off before sharing. If you belive your dildo is rubber/ non-porous or you're not sure what your dildo is made from its safest to use condoms if you want to share your dildo. Have fun!

Sh! silicone dildos: (remove the bullet first, if vibrating dildo)
- 1. Clean: Spritz with sex toy cleaner or wash with antibacterial hand wash. Rinse with warm water.
- 2. Sterilize: Boil in pan for up to 5 minutes or wash top rack of dishwasher (without soap and dishes;)
- Glass, Steel dildos and non-Sh! dildos: Clean with step 1.

All sex feels better with lube! Slick some lube onto the vulva & vagina or anus about to be penetrated before drizzling some onto the dildo. You may need to apply some more during play - this is fine. We recommend using water-based lube with silicone dildos.

The best dildo question is a tricky one - it depends on who you ask! The question should be: Which is the best dildo FOR YOU? We are happy to help you find a size and shape that works for you :) But, for the record, this is our best-selling dildo of all-time!

It's crucial to get the girth right when strapping a dildo on for pegging. Length is less important as you don't have to insert the entire shaft. Take a look at slim dildos as they are most popular as pegging dildos.

Dildos of Distinction!

If you're looking for a high-quality, ethically produced dildo (with less dildo-miles:) you're in the right place...