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Clitoral Vibrators

Our collection of Clitoral Vibrators chosen by women. Clitoral vibrators are the most popular vibes at Sh!, which is hardly surprising, as clitoral stimulation is central to most women & vulva-owner's orgasms! Any vibrator can be used clitorally, but here we've gathered together the best clit-stimulating vibrators to thrill your external sweet spot. Read our advice all about the clitoris and clitoral toys and explore the orgamic delights of dedicated clitoral-pleasure.

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88 products

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88 products

  • Satisfyer Pro2
  • Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator
  • Rocks Off R0-80 Rainbow Bullet - Sh! Women's StoreRocks Off R0-80 Rainbow Bullet - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Rocks Off R0-80 Rainbow Bullet
  • Rocks Off RO-80 Silver Bullet Vibrator
  • Satisfyer Pro Penguin Clitoral Suction Toy
  • Ultra 7 Vector Egg Vibrator
  • Rocks Off Ruby Glow Dusk Ride-On Vibe
  • We-Vibe Tango X
  • Rocks Off Scarlet Velvet Bullet
  • We-Vibe Touch X
  • Satisfyer Pro Traveller Suction Vibrator
  • Je Joue Mimi Soft Vibrator - Sh! Women's StoreJe Joue Mimi Soft Vibrator
    Sold out
    Je Joue Mimi Soft Vibrator
  • Lelo Tiani 3 Couples Vibrator
  • Doxy Wand Massager
  • Screaming O Lipstick Vibrator
  • We-Vibe Unite - Sh! Women's StoreWe-Vibe Unite - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    We-Vibe Unite Couples Vibe
  • Rocks-Off Prism Rainbow Bullet Vibrator
  • Clare Slim Bendable Vibrator
  • Satisfyer Partner Vibrator
  • Pulse Mini Sucking Vibrator
  • Wheel of Pleasure Licking Vibrator
  • Tiny Teaser Nubby Vibrator
  • Tiny Teaser Bunny Vibrator
  • Lelo Lily 2

Clitoris FAQ's

We were surprised (and miffed!) when we found that this is one of the most commonly asked questions on the interweb. But, we're always happy to educate and spread the good word, so here goes:

The clitoris is a crucial body part for women and people assigned female at birth. It develops from the same structures in the human embryo as the penis, but the clitoris has a single purpose - to give pleasure! The entire vulva is an erogenous zone - the clitoral glans (the external nub) is the most sensitive . The majority of the clitoris actually lies inside, with clitoral legs that extend up inside the body, behind the inner lips. The most important thing to know about the clitoris is that it can deliver intense sexual pleasure!

The tip of the clitoris is located at the junction of the inner labia lips, directly above the urethra, where it hides under its protective hood. A small clitoral tip may not be instantly visible and can be tricky to find if you don't know what you are looking for - we recommend grabbing a mirror and taking a peek. You might not know that the clit is larger than the tiny tip you can see in the mirror. A big part of the majestic clitoris lays inside, beneath the soft folds of the vulva.

Clitoral stimulation is the term most commonly used for the activity of pleasuring the clit, and it's VITAL for most women & vulva-owner's pleasure! Clit stimulation can take many forms. Stroking, touching, tapping, rubbing, grinding, licking and sucking, playing with clit-pleasing sex toys or using clitoral-stimulating arousal gels & creams and much more...

Clits come in different sizes, and all of them are perfectly normal. The size of your clitoris doesn't effect your ability to orgasm, but a big clit can make it easier to find and stimulate.

An orgasm depends upon arousal, stimulation and the ability to let go - not always easy! Having an orgasm can be tricky. Our best advice is to invest time in getting to know your body.

If you (or your partner) want to learn how to have orgasms, our BECOMING ORGASMIC course is for you.

For most women & vulva-owners, the answer to this question is a resounding YES! As the only organ in the human body solely dedicated to sexual pleasure and the epicentre of most women’s orgasmic world, the clitoris should never be undervalued or overlooked. Around 75% of women & vulva-owners need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. This means most of us need to have our magic beans stroked or rubbed just the right way for a length of time (up to an hour is perfectly normal), or a climax isn't happening.

Clitoris and vulva illustration with clitoral lipstick vibrator - Sh! Women's Store

Q&A: My clitoris is so sensitive...

Dear Sh!

My clitoris is so sensitive it cannot be directly touched, to the annoyance of my lover!

I can have vaginal orgasms but cannot masturbate in the clitoral area as it feels uncomfortable… Help!

What can I do or use to stimulate my clitoris or make it less sensitive?


Hi there,

Many women, no matter how sensitive they are, do not like direct stimulation on the tip of the clit, as it’s often uncomfortable.

Remember the clitoral glans (the external nub at the top of your inner vaginal lips) has about the same number of nerve endings as the penis, but all enclosed in a much smaller area, so it’s no wonder it’s so sensitive.

This is also why men and women respond to very different kinds of touch.

As you seem specially sensitive, ask your partner to go very slowly and sensually around your clitoris.

Who says they actually have to touch it?

The hair-standing-up-on-the-back-of-the-neck sensation you can get from the anticipation of something can be far more enticing than the actual sensation...

Read more about sensitive clits...