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What Is Edging And Why Should I Try It?

What Is Edging And Why Should I Try It?

Like to increase both the quota and the intensity of your orgasms? 

A brilliant way of doing this is 'edging.'

Edging has been around for ages and has, until now, been particularly popular with the kink community. The practice of withholding orgasms, as well as forcing play partners to have one orgasm after another is a lot of fun and can add several degrees of heat to play.

We've noticed an increasing amount of customers mentioning edging recently and it seems more and more people are tapping into the intense pleasure that a little self-denial can bring.

So, if you want to find out more about what edging is and why we think you should try it, then read on!

What is edging?

Edging is the practice of delaying an orgasm for as long as possible to increase the intensity once you do finally let go and give into that wave of pure ecstasy.

As well as ramping up intensity and possibily even length of orgasm, edging  mindfully focusses pleasure, so you are aware of every sensation.

Edging helps teach you about your body's responses and the certainty of your orgasms, builds stamina and prolongs play for much longer - result!

Edging does take restraint and practice at first, but the benefits are way worth it.

Self-pleasure is the best place to start your edging journey as it allows you to really zone in on your stages of arousal, get used to the sensations of an orgasm building, and then holding back, without any other distractions...  

Here are a few beginner tips on edging to help you get started.

1. Stop and Start Edging Method

The basics behind edging are taking short breaks between sexual stimulation, just when you are on the 'edge'. So, when you feel the heat in your nethers beginning to inch towards tipping point, stop or slow down stimulation. Take a breath and bring yourself away from climax.

It'll take practice to get your timing right, especially of your orgasm sneaks up on you like a tipsy relative at a family gathering.

The secret to successful edging play is learning when to stop an orgasm from erupting, but at just the right moment so it doesn't ruin that orgasm altogether...


Yes, a little bit.

You want to delay your orgasm but not stop it dead, so keep stimulating other parts of your body that love attention, like nipples or labia lips. Keep the excitement bubbling, but at a slightly lower heat.

When you feel the building orgasm fade a little, start stimulation of your clit or dick again. Build it up, but before the orgasm takes over, stop again.

Carry on for as long you can stand it, stopping and starting. There'll come a point when the orgasm won't be held back any longer and this is when you let go!

If you are playing with a partner and want to give edging them a go, ask them to tell you when their orgasm begins to build. Slow down stimulation, and give them a 60-second massage or tease them with some hot french kissing for a while. When you feel they are ready, start your stimulation again. And then stop. Before long, they'll be begging to climax!

2. Edgy Breathing

If you feel things starting to build up, take some deep breaths with your eyes closed to keep your orgasm at bay for a little longer.

Breathe from the bottom of your stomach and hold your breath for a few seconds until you feel the sensation retreating – once you’ve felt the sensation subside, you’re free to jump straight back in...

Try altering your stimulation a little, variety adds spice. If you normally rub, try tapping or vice versa. If you stroke, try pumping instead...

3. Work your pelvic floor muscles

Building strong pelvic floor muscles can really help when it comes to edging. Exercising you PC Muscle will also help intensify orgasm

These simple exercises can be done anywhere and work by using your pubococcygeus muscles to delay orgasm and give you an intense rush when the moment finally comes.

To get started, practice contracting the muscles you use to stop the flow of pee.
Once you can isolate the pc muscle, it's time to get serious with your pelvic floor exercising.

Start off with a 2-second squeeze-and-release before working your way up to 5-second squeezes. Once you've mastered that, try doing quick flicks.

All of these exercises will help you gain better control of your pelvic floor, which will in turn help bring on (or temporarily delay) super intensive orgasms.

During your edging sesh, clench your pc muscle in time with your pleasure strokes until you feel ready to orgasm, at which point you stop the stroking, rubbing and squeezing until you feel in control again. And then start again...


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