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Clit Sucking Vibrators

Our collection of Clit Sucking Vibrators chosen by women. Discover why clit sucking vibrators and clit sucker toys are blowing minds with toe curling clitoral pleasure.  Clit suckers are toys are fine-tuned to deliver intense pleasure;  the nozzle surrounds your clitoris, creating a vacuum that sucks away at your sweet spot, skyrocketing your orgasms!

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25 products

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Clit Sucker FAQ's

Clit suckers are small hand-held sex toys designed purely for clitoral pleasure . There's no direct clit contact (the nozzel/opening sits over/surrounds your clit) and uses air pulse/sonic/pressure wave/ pleasure air technology (lots of different terms!) that basically mean 'sucks away' - not just at external clitoral glans, but also deeper structure of the internal clitoris.
Clit suckers are incredibly orgasm-reliable. The closest sex toy to replicating an intense session of oral sex. Many women tell us they experienced 'firsts' with a clit sucker:
- first ever orgasm!
- first 30 second orgasm!
- first time squirting! there's every reason to add a clit sucking vibrator to your toy box;)

Clit suckers and clit vibrators are both clit-stimulating sex toys, but they stimulate in different ways:

- Clit vibrators deliver sensation directly on, or around, the external clitoris ('clitoral glans' - the nub you see and feel at the top of your vulva). They can be purely for external clit pleasure (bullet vibes) or coupled with an internal vibrator (rabbit vibes). Clitoral vibrators deliver powerful vibrations for intense, targeted, external clit stimulation

- Clitoral suction toys sit around the external part of the clitoris, but don't make direct contact and deliver fast bursts of air to create a vacuum sensation. Clit suckers stimulate both the external AND internal parts of the clitoris. They also increase blood flow to the area & engorge erectile tissue (the foundation of arousal and orgasm), resulting in a much more intense climax.

All our clit suction vibrators are made from body-safe materials and perfectly safe, when used with common sense. There has been a very few reports of clit-sucking toys making some women bleed when used for lengthy period on high setting. Always start out on a low-intensity level and take a break if orgasm doesn't come quickly. Treat yourself, your clit and your suction toy with TLC and you'll have many happy years together :)

- Ensure your clit suction toy is 100% clean & fully charged.
- Coat the nozzel & your clit with with water-based lube.
- Place the nozzel around your clitoris & fine-tune positiioning until you have gentle seal.
- Turn clit sucker onto the lowest setting.
- Explore the different sensations, but dont break the seal!

Because clit suckers increase blood flow to your clitoris (like clit stimulating gel or clitoral pump) they're great for kick-starting arousal and making your clit throb, raring to go for partner-sex! Holding a suction toy in place during energetic intercouse can be tricky. Instead, we recommend using your clit sucker during mutual masturbation or slow, grinding sex sessions *swoon*

Clitoral suction toys have been designed for clit stimulation, yes. But that doesn't mean you can't experiment with the sensational pleasure they offer. Try your suction toy on nipples or party bags (testicles) for sexy sensations!

rose clitoral sucking vibrator toy


Hi Sh!

I've heard so much about clit sucking toys, but there are so many to choose from! How do I pick one? Thanks!

Clit Suction vibrators are a pretty new style of dedicated clit-pleasure toy ( they first exploded onto the market in 2014 with the somewhat terminator-named 'WOMANIZER') but they've made a huge impression on clitoris-owners everywhere.

Clit Suckers are THE most orgasm-reliable toy ever and we believe everyone lucky enough to own a clitoris should own (at least) one!

Using air pressure instead of vibration, clit suction toys work by indirectly stimulating the tip of the sensitive clitoris. This type of toy creates gentle throbbing sensations around the clit, which help to increase circulation, boost arousal, and give out-of-this-world orgasms...

Read more of advice about choosing a clit sucking vibrator...
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