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Sexual Wellbeing

Our collection of Sexual Wellbeing chosen by women.

Sexual wellbeing is the cornerstone of Sh! because sexual self-esteem, taking care of your sexual self, is just as important as sexual happiness! Browse our sexual wellbeing advice to find out more...

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40 products

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40 products

  • Sh! Vaginal Dilators Set
    From $39.00
  • Sh! Ben Wa Balls
  • Yes VM Vaginal Moisturising Gel - Sh! Women's StoreYes VM Vaginal Moisturising Gel - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Yes VM Vaginal Moisturising Gel
  • Mini Rippled Purple Vibe
  • Fun Factory Smartballs Duo
  • Slender Mini G-Spot Vibe
  • Fun Factory Smartballs Uno
  • Black Nitrile-Vinyl Gloves: 10 Pack
  • Discretion Mini Ribbed Vibe - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Discretion Mini Ribbed Vibe
  • Lelo Luna Beads Noir
  • Rocks-Off Prism Rainbow Bullet Vibrator
  • Clare Slim Bendable Vibrator
  • Ana Slim Flexible G-Spot Vibe
  • Non Latex Pink Gloves: 10 Pack - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Non Latex Pink Gloves: 10 Pack
  • Je Joue Ami Vaginal Balls - Sh! Women's StoreJe Joue Ami Vaginal Balls - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Je Joue Ami Vaginal Balls
  • Lelo Luna Mini Beads
  • Durex Real Feel Latex-Free Condoms
  • Pasante Unique Latex-Free Condoms
  • Soft Tampons
  • Ohnut Painfree Penetration Rings
  • Orgasmic Kit 2
  • Pasante Taste Condoms
  • Mooncup
  • Orgasmic Kit 1
    $80.00 $58.0028% Off!

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Sexual Health & Wellbeing FAQ's

Vaginal Dilators are a set of gradually-sized trainers for the vagina. A health professional may advise a woman or vulva-owner to use dilators for painful sex / Vaginismus to learn how to relax tight vaginal muscles or stretch the vaginal canal after an operation. We don't recommend self-diagnosing and purchasing dilators without medical advice.

Vaginismus or owning a narrow vagina ( menopause can cause the vagina to shorten and narrow) is a couple of reasons, but even generally, many customers choose a slim sex toy over a wider one, as they're often more comfortable and versatile.

Menstrual Cups are better for both your body and the environment. \they are MUCH more body-friendly than tampons.

Safer sex is the cornerstone of good sex as it lets you relax and enjoy the sensations, rather than worry about pregnancy and STI's. Condoms and latex gloves turn penises, dildos and fingers into sleek playthings, whilst creating a barrier to stop sperm, infection or bacteria passing between partners. For oral sex & rimming, cut up a condom to form a barrier.