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Classic Vibrators

Our collection of Classic Vibrators chosen by women. Classic vibrators offer a traditional, simple style. Popular with newbies, classic vibes are easy to use and clean, making them a great first toy. Often tapered with a smooth plastic or sensual silicone shaft, a classic vibrator delivers intense vibrations and can be enjoyed as a clitoral vibe, as well as for internal pleasure. Check-out why choose a a classic vibrator and explore these simply sensational vibes!

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15 products

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15 products

  • We-Vibe Tango X
  • Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibr...
  • Mini Rippled Purple Vibe
  • Discretion Mini Ribbed Vibe - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Discretion Mini Ribbed Vibe
  • Rocks-Off Prism Rainbow B...
  • Silencer Vibrator
  • Gaia Eco Vibrator
  • Mini Marvels Marvelous Lover - Sh! Women's StoreMini Marvels Marvelous Lover - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Mini Marvels Marvelous Lover
  • Tapered Ribbed Vibe
  • Fun Factory Stronic Petite - Sh! Women's StoreFun Factory Stronic Petite - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Fun Factory Stronic Petite
  • Callie Vibrating Bullet
  • Satisfyer Air Pump Booty 5+ - Sh! Women's StoreSatisfyer Air Pump Booty 5+ - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Satisfyer Air Pump Booty 5+
  • Womanizer OG
  • Satisfyer Air Pump Vibrat...
  • Diogol Le Boulon Vibrator

Classic Vibrator FAQ's

A classic vibrator is a straight, smooth sex toy with a tapered tip. It has simple controls and usually several speeds to explore. Classic vibes are often made from hard plastic, which transmits vibration particularly well. Classics are great beginner toys at affordable prices.

A classic vibrator is straight, smooth and seamless. Tips are often tapered, which is helpful for anyone experiencing issues with vaginal penetration. Classic vibrators look like internal toys, but many women prefer them for clitoral stimulation. A long classic vibe delivers deeper penetration and is an excellent choice if you or your partner love cervix play. The longer shaft makes classics easy to hold and manoeuvre, which is especially good for people who find it tricky to reach. A classic vibe is affordable to buy and inexpensive to run.

Most classic vibrators are very easy to use, so in that sense, you can't go wrong. A vibe like our Rainbow Prism has a one-button control and three speeds, so super-easy to use. Classics are fabulous nipple-teaser or clit stimulators, or you can enjoy them as vaginal vibrators or Vaginismus dilators. The only thing classic vibrators don't do is anal play - keep 'em away from your butt!

All sex play becomes more sensual with a drop (or two) of lube, even if you produce plenty of natural juices. Sensations become heightened, you can play for longer and friction is reduced... So yes, use lube with your classic vibrator!

10 Reasons to Love Classic Vibrators

Many women & vulva-owners choose a Classic Vibrator as their first toy. A classic vibe is easy to use, and its long, slim shape is closely associated with the word “vibrator”. It’s a successful design that has been loved and lusted over for several decades. 

Here are our Top 10 reasons to love classic vibrators. 


The classic vibrator design is straight, smooth and seamless. Tips are often tapered, which can be especially helpful if you experience issues with vaginal penetration.

Classic vibrators look like they should be used for penetration, but actually, many women enjoy them solely for clitoral stimulation.


Many classic vibes are made from hard plastic sex toy material, which transmits vibrations more intensely than any other material. This extra power can be enough to push you over the edge and into orgasmic bliss.

If you need a lot of stimulation to have an orgasm, a hard-plastic classic vibrator would be a good choice.


A larger-size classic vibe such as Silencer Vibrator can work wonders on your G-spot. This toy is sizeable enough to render your G-spot helpless and unable to get away from the vibrations; your G-spot can’t help but become turned on!

The Silencer transmits a heavy throbbing rather than a high-pitched buzz. If you enjoy G-Spot play, this kind of deep vibration is worth exploring...

Read more about why love a classic vibrator...
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