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Metal Dildos

Our collection of Metal Dildos chosen by women. Metal dildos, made from stainless steel, are totally different from any other dildo. Incredibly beautiful pleasure objects in look and feel; metal dildos have a sleek surface and lovely weightiness to deliver solid penetration, firm sensations and a wonderfully slippery ride.

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4 products

  • Njoy Pure Wand
  • Njoy Steel Fun Wand
  • Njoy PFun Prostate Plug
  • Pleasure Steel Dildo

Metal Dildo FAQ's

Metal dildos are luxury playthings made from stainless steel. They are weighty like no other sex toy. Ergonomically designed, our metal dildos are for handheld pleasure, NOT for use in a strap-on.

Metal dildos made from stainless stell are weighty and offer a lovely sense of fullness during use. Sex toys made from steel feel cool to the touch but quickly warm to body temperature.

Stainless steel metal dildos provide unrivalled pressure and fullness for internal play. The weighty smoothness is particularly popular for G-Spot or prostate play.

- Wash with warm water and soap.
- To sterilize, use a 10% bleach & 90% water solution.
- Rinse well.
- Dry with a satin cloth or fine cotton cloth.
- Polish with a lint-free cloth.
- Never use abrasive cleaners or cloths, or you’ll lose the sleek, shiny surface.

Yes. Stainless steel is non-porous, so it doesn't absorb lube or natural secretions. It's virtually unbreakable, hypoallergic and easy to clean.

Yes, as long as the steel toy has a handle or flared base, you can use it for anal pleasure play. Just remember to add anal lube!

We have scoured the world and rejected many Chinese-made metal sex toys because we can't be sure of their purity. Instead, we have chosen our main supplier to be Njoy, a small, artisan, award-winning US company that specialises in and only makes metal sex toy, in medical-grade stainless steel.

How to Use a Metal Sex Toy?

Stainless steel dildos are especially great for women wanting to experience  squirting / female ejaculation.

No promises, but many of our customers have told us they first female ejaculated using a metal dildo.

We recommend building pressure using a ‘juicing’ motion (massaging in circular movements against your G-Spot) rather than moving the dildo in and out.

Metal toys can also be used for anal play. Their weight is very sexy, and by inserting a stainless steel butt plug whilst simultaneously enjoying clitoral and vaginal stimulation, you may find your orgasmic power increasing tenfold!

Men can also enjoy the befits of weighty stainless steel toys; they are great for prostate stimulation and P-spot orgasms.

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