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Bullet & Egg Vibrators

Our collection of Bullet & Egg Vibrators chosen by women. A bullet or egg-shaped vibrator delivers intense sensations wrapped up in a small package. Non-intimidating and perfectly shaped for clitoral pleasure,  their discreet size make bullets perfect travel vibes. Read about how to choose and use a bullet vibrator and get your bullet buzz on!

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25 products

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25 products

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    Rocks Off R0-80 Rainbow Bullet
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    Je Joue Mimi Soft Vibrator
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  • Sh! Rechargeable Bullet Vibe
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  • Gaia Eco Vibrator
  • Crave Vesper Necklace Vibrator
    From $91.00
  • Rocks Off Gold Havana Bullet Vibe
  • Gaia Eco Rechargeable Bullet
  • Remote Control Black Bullet Vibe - Sh! Women's StoreRemote Control Black Bullet Vibe - Sh! Women's Store
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    Remote Control Black Bullet Vibe
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  • Gaia Eco G-Spot Bullet
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  • Mini Marvels Marvelous Eggciter - Sh! Women's StoreMini Marvels Marvelous Eggciter - Sh! Women's Store
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    Mini Marvels Marvelous Eggciter
  • Evie Dual Tapping Vibe
  • We-Vibe Jive Wearable Vibrator
  • Suction Rose with Waving G-Spot Bullet - Sh! Women's StoreSuction Rose with Waving G-Spot Bullet - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Suction Rose with Waving G-Spot Bullet
  • Antonia Luxury Silicone Bullet - Sh! Women's StoreAntonia Luxury Silicone Bullet - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Antonia Luxury Silicone Bullet
  • Rocks Off Colour Me Orgasmic Bullet

Bullet & Egg Vibrator FAQ's

Bullet vibrators are small but mighty. Bullet vibes have been designed for pinpoint clitoral stimulation but will happily deliver thrills to nipples, toes and penises. The discreet size makes bullets great travel companions, easy to stash away, and non-intrusive when enjoyed as couples toys. Choose between purse-friendly battery-operated or more a-treat-for-me rechargeable versions.

Bullet vibrators are so popular due to their versatility. These petite vibes usually pack a punch in terms of power. Bullets are super-discreet and can come along on travels without raising eyebrows. More often than not, they have one-button controls and are easy to use. Bullet vibes are a fab option for newbies and anyone who wants optimum pleasure on a limited budget!

Add a small amount of lube to your bullet vibrator before switching it on at its lowest setting (we say "lowest" - bullets are usually quite powerful!).

Depending upon what kind of stimulation you enjoy or the intensity needed, a bullet vibrator can be used for pinpoint clitoral stimulation or more dispersed thrills.

A good trick is resting the bullet lengthways, allowing the vibrations to diffuse over the whole vulva. The outer labia lips are an overlooked area but highly sensitive, and you might find you become incredibly turned on...

A vibrating egg is small and specifically designed for clitoral stimulation. Egg vibes are all about clitoral pleasure, making them great sex toys for newbies.

The discreet size also makes egg-shaped vibrators perfect for couples. As they are so small and designed for external pleasure, there is less chance of partners feeling threatened by them which can sometimes happen with penetrative toys.

Add some lube to your vulva and the tip of the egg-shaped vibrator. As egg vibes are so small, they tend to offer intense vibration, which can feel overwhelming.

Start on the gentlest setting and glide the vibrator over the vulva, focusing on areas that feel good. Direct stimulation of the clit can feel too intense or even painful. For this reason, try approaching the clitoris from the sides instead.

If the sensations still feel too powerful, try cupping the toy in the palm of your hand and enjoy subtle vibrations felt through your fingertips instead.

Holding a powerful egg-shaped vibrator can sometimes cause a "vibrator hand" - i.e your hand feel temporarily numb. If this happens, simply nestle your egg vibe between your labia lips, lie back, and enjoy the vibrating sensations hands-free!

Be gentle with your vibrating egg if it has a cable running from the bullet to the battery pack. Pulling too hard at the cord will cause it to loosen and damage the toy.

Bullet & Egg Vibrators - Sh! Women's Store

How to Use Bullet or Egg Vibrators

A vibrating egg or bullet vibrator is much smaller than a standard vibrator and specifically designed for clitoral stimulation. Of course, it will deliver its thrills anywhere it touches, so they are great for nipples, toes and penises too.

Because they’re all about clitoral pleasure, bullets and eggs are usually the toys we recommend as beginners vibrators.

The discreet size also makes egg and bullet vibrators great couples toys. Because they are purely external pleasure providers, there’s no chance of your partner feeling threatened or ‘replaced,’ which can happen with more penetrative-shaped toys.

Read more about how to choose use a bullet or egg vibrator...