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Restraints & Cuffs

Our collection of Restraints & Cuffs chosen by women. Redefining cuffing season! Whether you're a bondage beginner just starting out (how exciting) or an experienced player looking for quality restraints, we have a currated collection, just for you. From simple bondage tape and rope to our beautiful restraint cuffs for wrists and ankles, hand-made in the Sh! studio, explore the thrill and anticipation of sex all tied-up, and for inspiration, check-out fun ways to play with handcuffs

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16 products

  • Sh! Bondage Rope
  • Sh! Bondage Tape
  • Sh! Satin Bondage Ties
  • Quickie Cuffs
  • Sh! Leather Bondage Wrist Cuffs
  • Sh! Rubber Restraint Wrist Cuffs
  • Sh! Leather Bondage Ankle Cuffs
  • Edge Adjustable Leg Spreader Bar
  • Sh! Rubber Restraint Ankle Cuffs
  • Sh! Satin Seduction Bondage Set
  • S&M Leg Spreader Bar with Cuffs
  • Bijoux Indiscrets Desire Cuffs
  • Sh! Luxury Bondage Ankle Restraint Cuffs
  • Sh! Pride Rainbow Satin Bondage Ties
  • Kinky Pleasure Appetizer Gift Set - Sh! Women's StoreKinky Pleasure Appetizer Gift Set - Sh! Women's Store
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    Kinky Pleasure Appetizer Gift Set
  • Scandal Corset Cuffs

BDSM Restraints & Cuffs FAQ's

The best type of restraints are wide and strong bondage cuffs with easy and safe buckles. This is because they protect wrists/ankles from pinched nerves.

- Make sure you can fit one or two fingers between their skin and the cuff.
- Never restrain your lover face down on soft furnishing.
- Never leave your cuffed partner alone.
- Check in with your bondage partner regularly - are they feeling cold? Are they experiencing pins & needles? Uncuff and re-position.

Introducing bondage to you bedroom can be hot stuff indeed, and we have lots of bondage advice for you to read if you are interested in exploring more, but the bottom line is that we recommend only playing with cuffs and restraints with a partner you 100% know and trust.

Black bondage restraint cuffs with fur lining

UK Made Bondage Restraints

Whether you're just beginning your exploration of bondage or you're the life and soul of the local dungeon, choose our bondage cuffs, handmade in our UK studio to bring your toy box to the next level!

From bedroom restraint to full-on hog ties, these cuffs will provide the comfort and security you need.

Forget using scarves – they may look pretty, but they won't keep your special someone safe.

Our cuffs are crafted with the highest quality materials and hand-finished to perfection. Choose from classic black or our range of beautiful colors to make your next scene unforgettable!

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