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Flavoured Lubes

Our collection of Flavoured Lubes chosen by women. Flavoured lube is a great way add extra glide, along with lip-smacking flavour to oral sex and licks. We test every flavoured lube (rejecting the gacky ones!) and select only the best, most natural-tasting, edible lubricants around. So whether you're looking for  vegan flavoured lube or organic, we got you covered!

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10 products

  • Flavoured Lube Sample Kit
Flavoured Lube, with cherries - Sh! Women's Store

Make oral sex even more lip-smacking!

We like ALL the flavoured lubes we stock (of couse!) for their own special qualities... but we have a special place in our hearts for all the different flavours of  Frutopia ID lubricant ( banana flavour is also firm favourite with guests in our Mindblowing BJ's classes;)

Don’t limit flavoured lube for down below - slick some on nipples to encourage lips and sucks there too!

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