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Top 10 Tips for National Orgasm Day

Top 10 Tips for National Orgasm Day - Sh! Women's Store

National Orgasm Day, celebrated on the 31st of July, is something we should all be shouting Oh-Oh-Oooh about. It's not yet a national holiday (though it should be), so for now, we'll have to make do with informal celebrations in our bedrooms.

There is only one way to mark this fabulous day - with orgasms! Read on for our top tips on how to boost your climactic crescendos.

Top 10 Tips for Orgasm

Clockface Clitoral Happy Hour

1. Find Your Happy Hour!

No, we're not talking ypur favourite time of the day to get off.

Think of the clitoris as a clock face with 12 at the top and 6 at the bottom. Most women & vulva owners report times 10-11 or 1-2 as their most sensitive times, i.e. their Happy Hour. 

Work your way around your own clitoral clock-face (clit-face?) stroke by stroke. Once you have figured out your personal Happy Hour, you are half-way to a thundering orgasm! 

2. Lube-up your orgasms 

It's time to shake off the old myth about moist vulvas not needing additional lubrication for sex. Bah! 

The wetter, the better is our mantra, and we recommend adding a bottle of lube to your drawer of tricks. Lube enhances sensations and increases sensitivity, making all moves, whether with toys, fingers or penises much more sensually orgasmic.  

Probe lube


3. Explore handy orgasms 

Time spent exploring your body is time well spent. Fingers are accessible, tactile and don't need charging. Handy eh!

Rather than just doing the moves you always do, flick your bean or feed your pony in new and novel ways.

Honing-in on ALL the different sensations your finger can give; gentle teasing, stroking, rubbing, patting, tweaking with varying levels of firmness of touch, will increase sensual awareness. 

4. Squeeze to intensify orgasms

Exercising the pelvic floor should be a priority at any age. Not only does it ensure a toned pelvic floor without leaky issues, but doing PC muscle squeezes intensify orgasm.

A pair of love balls make exercising much more fun. Weighted Love Balls also help amplify arousal as the balls roll against the G-spot when you move. 

5. Find your orgasmic position

Women & vulva owners often find it easier to orgasm in one or perhaps two sex positions. This position may be flat on the back, laying on your front, with the additional bonus of grinding against the sheets, or sitting up, rocking hips back and forth.

Discovering which position works best for you will make climbing to the pinnacle of pleasure much easier!

6. Grip your way to climax

Stroking on and around the clitoris whilst tensing and releasing vaginal muscles rhythmically can help build towards a fantastic orgasm.

It's possible to experience stronger orgasms by using an internal toy like a solid glass dildo to grip with your vaginal muscles.

pink glass dildo

7. Breathe your way

Shallow breathing during sex tends to stop an orgasm in its tracks.

Instead, slow down your breathing. Visualise your deep breaths going from your mouth to the pit of your stomach and genitals, and slowly release. This circular breathing technique is called orgasmic breathing and can carry you through to a thunderous finish.

8. Take your orgasmic time

Go with the flow and enjoy sensations as they happen. Take your time, and don't rush it. Quickie orgasms can often feel like little blips. The longer the build up, the better the orgasm.

So, lock the door, turn off your phone, get into a fantasy in your head or listen to erotica or watch and loading some ethical porn. Pamper yourself. Indulge yourself.

Arousal is key to a great orgasm, and your orgasm (and you!) deserves nothing less.

9. 5 Minute Orgasm

That said,  new-generation clit suction vibrators can give you a hyper-charged orgasm in minutes.  These sophisticated sex toys create pressure waves and light vibrations around the tip of the clitoris.

Testing found that 98% of women experienced an orgasm within 5 minutes of using one!

10. Take An Orgasm Course

Our sister site Shush Life has a phenomenal orgasm course you can take in the privacy of your bedroom!

This e-course is for women & vulva owners who want to learn more about their potential for incredible pleasure. The course is designed to encourage self-pleasure and exploration and will help you gain an understanding of how your orgasm works.

Becoming orgasmic course


Want some more orgasm tips? Here you go!

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Top 10 Tips for National Orgasm Day - Sh! Women's Store
Top 10 Tips for National Orgasm Day

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