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Suede Wirly Slim Dildos

Our collection of Suede Wirly Slim Dildos chosen by women. Our slim Wirly dildos feature slender shafts with subtle ribbing for when sensation, rather than girth, is desired... Available as regular and vibrating dildos, and hand-poured in body-safe silicone at our London Studio, a Wirly dildo is a great choice for those who prefer slim toys and for anal and pegging play too.

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Wirly Slim Dildo FAQ's

Width is the most important dimension to get right when dildo-buying. Wirly dildos are our slimmest dildo range, so should be user-friendly for most. When using a dildo in a strap-on harness an inch of length will be lost. How curvy you and your partner are will also limit the dildo's 'usable' length. So, buy a longer dildo than you would for hand-held use.

Yes. Wirly dildos are a great choice if you're interested in pegging. They are slim and ribbed for sensation. Choose a longer dildo to better stimulate the prostate.

- Wirly 1 ( 3.75 inch long / 1 inch diam). Our smallest, thinnest dildo. Popular anal dildo for newbies.

- Wirly 2 (5.25 inch long / 1.1 inch diam). Contoured for extra sensations.
- Wirly 3 (7 inch long / 1.25 inch diam) Extra length good for strap-on play.

- Wirly 5 (5 inch long / 1.5-inch diam). Pleasurable stimulation vaginally and anally.
- Wirly 6 ( 7 inch long / 1.5 inch diam) extra-length dildo, good for stap-on play.

Choosing a vibrating Wirly dildo might make it easier for both of you to orgasm during strap-on play. Note: The larger the dildo, the more gentle the vibrations.

wirly 2 silicone dildo in pink marbled design

Wirly DildO Sizes

Insertable length / Diameter at widest

Slimmer Models

Wirly 1: 3.75 inch long x 1 inch diam

Wirly 2: 5.25 inch long x 1.1 inch diam

Wirly 3: 7 inch long x 1.25 inch diam

Wider Models

Wirly 4: 4 inch long x 1.25 inch diam

Wirly 5: 5 inch long x 1.5 inch diam

Wirly 6: 7 inch long x 1.5 inch diam

Mistress Wirly: 9.25 long x 1.3 inch diam

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