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Male G-Spot & Erotic Prostate Massage

The Male G-Spot & Erotic Prostate Massage - Sh! Women's Store

You have probably heard of the G-spot, an erotic zone located inside the vagina of female-bodied people? But did you know that male-bodied folks have their own version of G-spot, a gland known as the prostate?

Prostate massage is highly pleasurable for lots of peeps. An orgasm can be much more explosive if stimulation of the penis is combined with prostate play, and some lucky folks can orgasm through erotic prostate massage alone!

Male G-Spot - where is it?

How to Find And Stimulate The Male G-Spot (Prostate Gland)

  • First of all, make sure you have a conversation about it. This isn't an area to slip into 'by mistake' - ensure all Prostate play is carried out with enthusiastic consent every step of the way!
  • Make sure your nails are short and smooth. If you're a nailbiter or have long, fancy nails, just cover your hands with gloves.
  • Discuss and agree on a position that's comfortable for you both. Maybe they're on all fours with you kneeling behind them, or maybe they're flat on their back with their knees pulled up and you in between with access to the entire pleasure package.
  • Ask them to relax and breathe deeply whilst you stroke and tease the anus. Wait for the anus to let you in. (We're not joking - the anus will let you know when it's ready for more.)
  • Time to add lube, and lots of it!  We recommend using a thick, viscous lube like Sh! Pure Plus for anal play. Apply to fingers and bumhole... and ensure all throughout play, everything stays completely coated and slippery.
  • Once their body is ready for you to slowly slip a finger in, go very slowly and watch for any signs of discomfort. If this happens, just stop where you are and let them get used to the sensations.
  • Insert your finger two to three inches into the anus and stroke towards the front of the body (the belly button is a good indicator) using a 'come hither' motion, exactly like a G-spot stroke.
  • As your partner becomes more aroused, their prostate will swell and harden, making it easier to locate. The more turned on they are, the more receptive the prostate will be to firmer stimulation.
Prostate illustration - Sh! Women's Store


Erotic Prostate Massage

If you want to add prostate massage to your erotic repertoire, it's important you understand how sensitive and slowly this kind of play needs to be.

  • Inside the anus are two sets of sphincter muscles; the first can be tensed at will, but the second set constricts involuntarily. So, even your partner wants prostate massage and is trying to relax, their anus might initially appear to resist (wait for it to invite you in).
anal sphincters illustrations - Sh! Women's Store
  • Rectal tissue is very delicate and does not self-lubricate, so always be gentle when playing in this area.
  • Lube is essential; coat the anus, fingers, and toys liberally and keep reapplying.
  • How much lube is 'enough'? Apply as much as you think, and then a little bit more! If you're using a water-based lube you will find that it sinks into the membranes, but adding a little spray of water or some saliva will re-activate the lube again.

Prostate Massagers and How To Use Them

Prostate Massager - Sh! Women's Store

Prostate Massagers are ergonomically designed toys to safely and sensually stimulate the P-Spot. Many massagers come with removable bullet vibrators for extra va-va-voom, so if you or your partner think this could be fun, we'd say go for it!

  • Make sure to lube up the curved arm before slipping inside the anus.
  • The lower part of the massager sits flat against the perineum when positioned properly.
  • Using a prostate massager helps reach the prostate if your fingers are on the short side, and it also takes care of business if you're feeling a bit squeamish about dipping your finger into your partner's donut hole...

Learn more about Prostate Pleasure here

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The Male G-Spot & Erotic Prostate Massage - Sh! Women's Store
Male G-Spot & Erotic Prostate Massage

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