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Review: Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Review: Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator - Sh! Women's Store

Clit suction toys have brought incredible clitoral orgasms to women since they first exploded onto the sex toy market in 2015.

I was a bit dubious when I first saw one (what does that thing do?) but I took a Womanizer to bed - begrudgingly - and I was converted. Once you realise that with a clit sucker it's possible to have an orgasm in under 2 minutes, there's no going back! Needless to say, I was buzzin' when I was asked to give the Rose clitoral suction toy a test drive. (Hand me the lube – this gal is goin’ in!)

Presented in a simple black box without frills, everything that's special about Rose (we're on first-name terms) is inside the packaging.

Encased in smooth red silicone with petals around the rim, Rose is the most romantic toy I've ever seen. The cartoonish rosebud appearance might put some folks off, but it was love at first sight for me. I was unable to put it down.


  • USB rechargeable
  • Much quieter than most suction toys
  • 100% waterproof for romantic rendezvous in the tub
  • So cute, it can be left out on the bedside table
  • Excellent price point - £39

Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator - Take 1

The very first use left me disappointed and unsatisfied. My clitoris didn't even stir. It was all a bit meh.

As it turned out, it was my fault - I was so excited to try this super-cute clit suction toy I didn't take the time to charge it up. Rookie mistake!

Lesson one; always follow instructions and leave your new BFF to charge up for a couple of hours. During this time, I recommend ordering pizza and watching a rom-com to get in the mood. My version of foreplay.

Charging up Rose is very easy, even if patience is not. Pop the magnetic pad onto the base of Rose and plug it into a suitable USB port. Leave it in peace for two hours.


Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator - Take 2

Once my rosebud was powered up, things changed. Wowzers! Pleasure came rolling in, and I was so glad I took the time to charge up my new lover before writing it off as a lukewarm one-night stand. My second go-round with Rose wasn't tepid; it was HAWT!

Rose sits comfortably in the palm of the hand. The roundish body features a single push-button for easy control of the 7 modes, and scrolling through them by pressing the button with a thumb is no bother. Rose offers continuous suction, quick pulsing, and a cheeky little cha-cha. I worked my way through the various options by pressing the on-off button until I found the mode that I liked the best.

The suction part of Rose is flat as a pancake which means it's trickier to place correctly compared to suction toys with pokey-outey nozzles. You need to know where your clit is located (grab a mirror if you're unsure) to get it right. Spreading apart your labia lips helps too. Once placed over the clitoris, it sits snugly around the tip without directly touching it.

Coat your clitoris and the opening of the Rose with lube to create a better, softer seal. My personal favourite is Pure Lube, but any water-based lubricant will work.

Air Pressure & Power

Using gentle air pressure, Rose works its magic by indirectly stimulating the clitoris. The air creates a gently throbbing sensation which helps to increase circulation and boost arousal, as well as building incredible orgasms.

Rose delivers gentler stimulation than more well-known suction toys like Satisfyer and Womanizer. For me, this isn't a problem. I never use the intense levels of the brand toys, so a gentler version suits me well. Despite its softer approach, the results are still explosive!

The only thing to be aware of is the charge. Rose runs out of power faster than Satisfyer and Womanizer, but as long as it's recharged regularly, this isn't a problem.


Cleaning Rose before and after use is essential. Using sex toy cleaner or antibacterial handwash and hot water is easy enough, but cleaning between the petals is trickier. I've resorted to using cotton buds to clean out dried lube from in between the soft petals. It's fiddly but a small price to pay for so much pleasure!

Top Tip for Even Stronger Orgasms!

If you're into penetration as well as clit play, a glass dildo is a perfect partner for Rose.

Choosing a dildo with a curve or a bulb at one end will help make G-spot stimulation easier. Make sure to lube it up before inserting, and then juice the curved or bulbed end against the G-spot with firm come-hither motions.

Using a glass dildo alongside the Rose Suction toy requires the use of both hands, so it helps if you're a good multi-tasker. A blended orgasm (an orgasm resulting from two erogenous zones being stimulated simultaneously) is well worth the extra effort, though.

Lona Rose red suction toy and blue glass dildo with ripples


Once I worked out that I needed to give Rose time to power up, we got along so much better. Rose has become my new go-to bed buddy and gets a strong 5-star rating from me & my clitoris!

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Review: Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator - Sh! Women's Store
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Clit suction toys have brought incredible clitoral orgasms to women since they first exploded onto...

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