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Q&A: Help Me Choose a Clit Sucking Sex Toy

Q&A: Help Me Choose a Clit Sucking Toy - Sh! Women's Store

Hi Sh!

I've heard so much about clit sucking toys, but there are so many to choose from! How do I pick one? Thanks!

Hello there, thanks for getting in touch!

We can absolutely help narrow down the choice and give advice on how to choose a clit sucking sex toy, but only you can decide which one is the right one for you.

Clit sucking toys are relatively new on the sex toy market, but they've made a huge impression on clitoris-owners everywhere. Few toys are as orgasm-reliable as suction toys and we believe every woman & vulva-owner should have (at least) one in their bedside drawer.

We'll admit it, we were dubious about the concept of 'suction' - until we tried it.


The first time we tried a clit sucking sex toy... It blew our minds in so many ways and we went from being sceptics to converts in the two minutes it took for an orgasm to build. A member of our team even makes sure she has two clit suction toys charged and ready at all times, in case one breaks (oh, the horror!).

Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Rose Suction Vibe is our absolute bestseller. It's cute to look at, and a bit smaller and more ergonomic to hold. It has a larger suction opening so fits most clits.

Using air pressure instead of vibration, clit suction toys work by indirectly stimulating the tip of the sensitive clitoris. This type of toy creates gentle throbbing sensations around the clit, which help to increase circulation, boost arousal, and give out-of-this-world orgasms.

Rose Clit Sucker is rechargeable and offers 7 levels of intensity, which is plenty when it comes to suction. 

red rose clit suction toy

Sh! Suction Sensation toy

One of the smallest and most purse-friendly of our clit suction toys, Sh! Suction Sensation is a good choice for newbies who don't want to splash out on a luxe toy before they're sure they enjoy suction.

This suction toy has 10 levels of intensity to choose from and a plastic case keeps the nozzle clean between uses.

Sh! Suction Sensation is waterproof but we'd recommend using in the shower rather than during long soaks in the tub.

lilac Sh! suction sensation clit suction toy

Dual Stimulation Suction Vibe

Dual Stimulation Suction Vibe is a bit larger in size  and features a ribbed shaft for internal stimulation.

This is a modern dual stimulator, a toy that offers internal as well as external pleasure simultaneously. With 10 levels of pleasure air technology (a fancy term for 'suction') and 12 vibration settings for the internal stimulator, there is plenty to explore.

It's worth noting that not all bodies are made the same, and we can never guarantee that toys will line up with individual clits & G-spots (the internal part of the clitoral structure).

Dual Stimulation Suction Vibe is rechargeable and 100% waterproof so great for bath & shower play.

dual stimulation clit suction toy in rich purple 

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Clitoral Suction Toy

Satisfyer Pro Penguin is dressed for suck-cess and is one of our most popular suction toys. A nice mid-size toy with an ergonomic, round body to hold during use, Penguin is a winner with customers who love their playthings to be cute as well as effective.

Like Traveller, Penguin offers 11 levels of air technology (suction) and works its magic by increasing blood flow to the clitoris, building arousal and intense orgasms. The nozzle is wide and open, so fits a range of clits.

100% waterproof and rechargeable with a magnetic USB charger, Satisfyer Pro Penguin is adorable and makes a super-cute gift.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Clit Suction Toy in black and white with purple bow tie

Satisfyer Pro2 Next Generation

Satisfyer Pro2 is larger than its smaller buddies, but the well-sized handle makes it easy to hold and manoeuvre. The + / – buttons give great control over intensity and orgasm build-up, and just like its dinkier buds, Satisfyer Pro2 has 11 levels of intensity.

Suction toys are often called 'hands-free' toys, which is sort of true. The toy needs to be held in place, for sure, but you don't need to do much else in order for the orgasm to happen - maybe a bit of rocking of hips or squeezing of the pelvic floor...

Several members of the Sh! team, as well as many of our customers, have found that this toy, in particular, tends to bring on squirting. It's not guaranteed, but it seems like Satisfyer Pro2 can create some sort of internal magic that makes the Skenes Glands fill up and gush fluid...

It hasn't worked for all of us, but we're having lots of fun trying!

Satisfyer Pro2 Next Generation is USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof.

Ellie Double Pleasure Suction Vibe

This double-ended clit suction vibrator is a fabulous bedmate for anyone who like to to make their pleasure last and last...

Ellie Double Pleasure Suction Vibe offers 10 suction sensations and 10 thrilling vibrating modes in the shaft. The suction head features a 'licker' tickler for the clitoris - a bonus if you like cunnilingus! 

We recommend switching between the two ends to really edge your orgasm and build as much orgasmic energy as possible. 

Ellie is USB rechargeable & waterproof up to 1 meter.

ellie double pleasure clit sucking toy in turquise

Joanna Clitoral Suction Rabbit-Style Vibe

Joanna is an innovative version of a dual-stim toy - an exciting suction stimulator for the clit and a vibrating shaft for filling, internal sensations.

Made from body-safe silicone, Joanna Clitoral Suction Rabbit offers lovely, throbby vibes coupled with 10 levels of clitoral suction for glorious pleasure. The shaft with its voluminous G-spot-seeking tip houses its own motor with another 8 different functions to enjoy.

The controls are more complex than those on the smaller suction toys, but a read of the instruction helps clarify.

Joanna is trickier to use than the clit-only suction toys, and we find that the suction nozzle hovers over the clit rather than sits firmly around it. This creates a slow build-up and whilst it delivers a fantastic orgasm, our advice is to start with a suction toy that is easier to use.

This rabbit-style clitoral suction toy is 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable.

Lelo Sona Cruise Sonic Massager

From luxury connoisseurs Lelo comes Sona Cruise Sonic, a marvellous toy that uses ‘sonic waves’ and pulses to stimulate the entire clitoris – not just the external part you can see and touch.

An ergonomic design ensures that Sona Cruise fits in the palm of your hand, and the controls are intuitive. Sona Cruise delivers 8 breathtaking pulse patterns as well as the sonic waves, and orgasm is built with little-to-no clitoral contact. In fact, Lelo claims that Sona’s sonic waves can reach 75% more of the clitoris than your average pleasure product - which is nothing short of amazing!

A big plus with using suction toys like Lelo Sona Cruise is that you will likely find that you can keep going and experience multi-orgasmic pleasure. As these toys don't directly touch your clitoris, you generally don't become overstimulated in the way that can happen with fingers or more traditional vibrators.

Sona Cruise is fully waterproof and USB rechargeable.

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