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Introducing Creative Juices

Introducing Creative Juices - Sh! Women's Store

Welcome to Creative Juices, the online hub for readers, writers & lovers of erotic stories.

During a recent workshop at our Hoxton shop, where guests created their very own erotic fantasies, we realized that there is so much talent out there; so many stories that have yet to be written, read or told...
So we invite you, yes - you, to rev up your creative juices, put pen to paper and write down your erotic fantasy - pages that have been created with the sole purpose of getting you off. Because we think that other people will want to read it too. And get off to it.
We're looking for straight, lesbian, gay, queer, transgender, fan fiction, vanilla, kink, outerwordly... Your fantasy could include only one person or a whole group.
Please note: there are a few things we won't publish, and these are listed at the bottom of this blog post.

Here's how to get your erotic fantasy published on Creative Juices:

18+ only: Writers must be 18 years of age or older and legally able to write, submit and read erotic material. All characters in submitted stories must be 18+. You must be the sole creator of the story you submit.
Hobby writers are most welcome to submit erotic stories. You can submit your story anonymously or with pseudonym, but please make sure to include this information clearly in your submission.
Professional writers are also most welcome to submit erotic stories. The stories can be full length or a juicy teaser if a new book is due out. If we stock your book on our website, we will link to it. If we do not stock your book, we will be happy to link to your own website or buy-links on Amazon.
Editing: Stories need not be perfect or polished, especially if you are not a professional writer, but submissions must be spell&grammar checked. We'll provide space for new writers, but we cannot offer editing services. Ensure your story is in bite-size paragraphs as this will be much easier for the readers. No links or HTML inside stories please - these will be deleted.
Submission format: Please submit your erotic story as attached Word files (.doc), text files (.txt) or Rich Text Files (.rtf). If we are unable to read your story, we won't publish it
Scheduling: Stories will be slotted into a rolling schedule and we'll let you know when your story is due to go live. If an author has a book to promote, we reserve the right to publish their submission in accordance with their promotional schedule. Please remember that we have a shop to look after, so bear with us if it takes us a few days to respond to your submission.
Or - check your spam folder as we occasionally end up in there...
Images: You must hold rights to any images you submit alongside your story. We will not publish images of naked body parts (so no dick-pics please!).
Payment: No stories will be paid for - Creative Juices is a purely for the pleasure of creative writing and relaxing reading.
Refusals: We reserve the right to not publish a story if we feel it does not conform to the Sh! ethos: we will not publish stories featuring scat, incest, paedophilia, bestiality or stories with a strong rape theme. Our decision is final.

Creative Juices - may your well never run dry!

Creative Juices Submissions

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