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Free Erotica - I was a Teenage Zombie Virgin by Tamsin Flowers

Free Erotica - I was a Teenage Zombie Virgin by Tamsin Flowers - Sh! Women's Store

Today we have the fabulous Tamsin Flowers on Free Erotica Friday, with an excerpt from her story I was a Teenage Zombie Virgin.

  Tamsin FlowersBeing a teenager has always been tough - but being a teenage zombie is a hundred time's harder! Teenage zombie John has just been rescued from a baying mob of vigilantes by a girl he used to know before he became a zombie. She saved him for the sake of her brother who, when bitten by a zombie, was taken from the family and killed. I knew her then.  I'd seen her around.  I'd imagined her naked and I'd fucked her in my imagination.  And now?  God, I wanted her more badly than anything I'd ever wanted in my life—the life she'd just saved. Even in my warped zombie mind, I knew I owed her everything. "Come on," she said, gesturing me to follow her. I ambled after her, up the path to the front door and, to my amazement, inside.  The house was a mess—the kitchen and the walk-through living room a paean to fast-food living.  Pizza boxes, burger containers, Chinese take-out pails and bags, cups and cartons from every fast-food joint in a five-mile radius.  I guessed Eve didn't cook much, or anyone else who lived here for that matter.  I stood looking round, not knowing what I was meant to do with myself.  My social graces had long since slipped away. "I was right, wasn't I?" she said.  "You're not going to hurt me." I shook my head and tried to speak. All I could articulate was a grunt.  But I knew I'd sooner die than hurt this beautiful creature who had delivered me from evil. Like I said, every zombie has the vestige of the human he once was flickering inside him, and at that moment, I forgot our differences.  I forgot that I was zombie and she was a healthy girl.  I forgot that all I wanted to do was fuck her and then eat her and I caught her up in my arms and held her tight against my chest. She looked up at me, her dark hair curling in sweaty tendrils round her forehead, her liquid brown eyes full of trust.  I bent my head and I kissed her.  I kissed her in a way that I'd never kissed a girl before I was a zombie.  Our lips met, hers so soft compared with mine, rough and chaffed and scabby.  Her mouth opened and her tongue glided against my mouth, applying a gentle pressure until I let it slip inside.  I can't say how it must have compared with her other experiences of kissing, though it was obvious she'd had some, but for me it was sublime.  Fireworks and flares went off in my gut and a burning sensation made my cock surge forward against my cut-offs.  I heard a low, guttural moaning, like an animal in pain, and took a moment to realize that it was me.  I held her close against my chest and through the thin fabric of our T-shirts, her nipples felt like rough pebbles. Her arms slipped round behind me and started pulling up my shirt and I followed her lead, drawing her tank up to reveal the soft curve of her belly.  It made me catch my breath and I felt suddenly dizzy. "Eve," I managed to grunt, not knowing where to put my hands—onto the soft flesh now revealed or to carry on pulling the garment off her. "Shhhh," she whispered in my ear.  "Come." She stood up and tossed her top to one side.  Then, as I gawped, open-mouthed, at her small, perfect breasts, she grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs to her bedroom.  This room was junk food free but there were clothes all over the floor and the bed sheets were tangled and grimy.  Did I give a shit?  It was literally months, probably more than a year, since I'd been in a bed and here I was, diving into the softness with the most divine, half-naked angel. I lay down on my back and Eve lay on top of me and started kissing me again, running her hands through the tangled mat of my hair, making little sighing noises that completely melted me inside.  I took my time to explore her mouth with my tongue—I was in no hurry for this to be over—it was the moment I'd been dreaming of for so long.  Her teeth were smooth as porcelain, hard and sharp in contrast to the soft swirl of her tongue against mine.  Her saliva tasted sweet to me and the warmth of her breath on my face was like an additional caress. When she let her mouth drop from mine and down onto my chest, I buried my face in her hair.  Even unwashed and unkempt as she was, she smelled unbelievably good—human sweat is a million times less acrid than zombie sweat, which was all I'd caught a whiff of in months.  She sucked tantalizingly on my nipples, sparking new sensations that rippled through me like electric current, and she twisted them until I grunted with the pleasure of the pain. Her hips were grinding against mine, building friction at the front of my pants and my cock felt like the incredible hulk, about to burst its way out through the threadbare fabric.  Luckily, she thrust a hand down between us and released it, eliciting a deep growl from me as her fingers grazed against it. "Better," she whispered, turning her attention to below my waist. She drew off my shorts and then stood back to strip off her own.  My cock reared and bucked as I saw her emerge fully naked and my hand went instantaneously to my rod to start jerking off.  Smiling, she pulled my hand away and replaced it with her own, with a caress so soft I could hardly feel it even though it sent an intense shiver up my spine. And as I lay there panting, hauling in great gulps of air as my hips jerked out of control, she slowly straddled me and then leant back so that I could see what lay between her legs.  Glistening folds, deep pink, and nestled in the centre, a dark bud pushing its way out between the lips of her pussy.  She traced a path down the cleft with one finger, opening herself up to my gaze, and then she slid gently forward to position herself just above my cock. She gave me a questioning look, as if to seek my permission to go ahead with what she was about to do, and I gurgled my assent.  Her hand, which had never left my shaft, guided me into position and angled me for entry.  Then she allowed herself to plunge down, impaling herself on me with a sharp, sweet cry that will ring in my ears till the day I die.  I reached up to touch her breasts and she dropped forward so that one of them brushed against my lips.  My tongue swirled the areola and I sucked on the protruding nub till she gasped and replaced it with the other one. She ground her hips forward and back as she worked up and down, changing the angle, building the friction and slowly working me up towards the point of no return.  It was a long climb and with each thrust she allowed herself to drop lower, for me to push up further inside her.  Her pussy was indescribably soft, slippery with her juices, but tight nevertheless, as if a hand was gripping me and pulling, tugging, milking my cock till we reached the summit and I was ready to plunge down the other side. And how I came.  With a roar, I felt my balls pull tight and then my hot cum surged out of me and pumped into her.  She came with a cry, clamping her teeth down on her lower lip as her back arched and her muscles gripped me tighter than ever, drawing out my pleasure to match her own.

I hope you enjoyed it! And if you want more, why not take a look at my new short story collection, Zombie Erotoclypse? It's available from: Amazon UK Smashwords Author bio: Tamsin Flowers Tamsin Flowers loves to write light-hearted erotica, often with a twist in the tail/tale and a sense of fun.  In the words of one reviewer, 'Ms Flowers has a way of describing sexual tension that forces itself upon your own body.' Her stories have appeared in a wide variety of anthologies and she is now graduating to novellas with the intention to pen her magnum opus in the very near future.  In the meantime, like most erotica writers, she finds herself working on at least ten stories at once: while she figures out whose leg belongs in which story, you can find out more about her at Tamsin's Superotica or Tamsin Flowers. Follow her on Twitter @TamsinFlowers or on Facebook Tamsin Flowers.  

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