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Kegal Balls & Exercise

Our collection of Kegal Balls & Exercise chosen by women. Kegal Balls are stimulating sex toys and exercisers for stronger pelvic muscles and control, which can result in super-boosted orgasms. Also known as love balls or jiggle balls, every design we carry is body-safe, easy to clean and either weighty enough or well-strung for easy removal. Dip into our Kegals Balls & Exercise Guides and get squeezing for stronger orgasms!

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Kegel Balls FAQ

- FOR EXERCISE: Do your kegal exercises around the balls. Over time, you will gain better control of your pelvic floor and can squeeze & hold for longer. This is when you know the exercises are working.
- FOR PLEASURE: Slip the balls inside your vagina and squeeze & release your pelvic floor around them. Playing with clitoris and nipples while engaging the PC muscle helps you orgasm faster - and harder!

Kegal balls are designed to be worn in the vagina ( NEVER put them in your bum). Add a little lube and slip them in so the last ball feels 1-2 inches inside. If you feel them slipping out push your Kegal Balls in deeper - you can't insert them 'too far'.

No longer than 6 hours is recomended. You might experience a bit of PC muscle fatigue if you wear kegal balls for too long - like when you overdo it at the gym. Remove the balls and let your vagina have a rest day.

Kegal Balls are resistance trainers! Your pelvic floor works to grip the balls and in doing so becomes stronger. If kegal balls fall out, it's because your PC muscle isn't strong enough to grip them, yet...

Regular Kegel exercises give you better control over your pelvic floor. This means you (and your partner, if they have a penis) will feel more during intercourse as you'll be able to grip on tighter with your vagina. Kegels also help increase blood flow to the area, so your vagina will feel juicier and rejuvenated!

kegal Love Balls

Kegal Exercises for Great Sex

The pubococcygeus muscle, or PC muscle, is a supportive band of muscles that wraps around the pelvic area.

It's active during orgasm, but when trained, it can really amp up sexual pleasure.

Flexing the PC muscle during sex increases blood flow and sensations, intensifying enjoyment and helping bring stronger, more powerful orgasms.

Plus, when really toned, some (lucky) peeps can achieve multiple orgasms just by flexing their pelvic floor.

Kegel exercises are the key to unlocking a whole new world of pleasure.

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