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Q&A: I Think My Partner Needs A Longer Sex Toy?

Q&A: I think my partner needs a longer toy? Suggestions? - Sh! Women's Store

Hi Sh!
My woman partner enjoys having a vibrator as part of our love-making, but she needs an extra-long one, I think, for full satisfaction. Can you recommend please? Ideally re-chargeable, not just battery-operated. Thanks!

Thanks for getting in touch! 

The clitoris and the G-spot are reachable without much length, but a longer toy can help reach and stimulate the A-spot. Perhaps this is the area she enjoys having stimulated most? 

The A-spot (Anterior Fornix) is located a couple of inches further into the vagina, past the G-spot. It's situated on the front wall, in front of the cervix. Slide a couple of well-lubed fingers in when your partner is fully aroused, and you should be able to feel a patch of spongy tissue just below the cervix.

Stimulating the A-Spot is very sexy. Firstly, this area produces a lot of vaginal wetness (which we love!), but it can also bring on intense orgasms (which we also love!).

A diagram of a woman's pelvic area and A-spot


Long sex toy for A-spot stimulation 

Joy is a semi-realistic vibrator in strokable, matt silicone. Gently curved with a raised ridge, the tip of this sex toy is particularly good at finding and teasing deep erogenous zones. Joy vibe is USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof for fun in the shower or bathtub. 

If a semi-realistic toy doesn't float her boat, you might like to take a look at Joanna instead. Joanna is a dual stimulator with suction and a long shaft for internal pleasure. Delivering double pleasure in a rabbit-style shape, this babe dishes out blended-orgasm possibilities with a vibration and clit-sucking stimulation.

There are also options like a long vibrating dildo, such as the Mistress Wirly Extra Long Vibrating Dildo. This hand-poured dil is a whopping 9 inches long; probably more than you would ever need! There's a vibrating bullet that slots into the base to provide thrilling fun.

Lube for sex toys 

Whichever vibrating toy you pick, ensure to add a bottle of lube to your basket too.

Sex toys tend to suck up a bit of our natural juices, so a little bit extra never goes amiss. Add lube to vulva and vagina, fingers and sex toys - and don't be shy with it :)

We hope this helps - have fun exploring her A-spot!

Best Wishes,
Team Sh! xx

Read more about A-spots (and other spots) here!

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