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U-Spot Guide

U-Spot Guide - Advice at Sh! Women's Store

Most people have heard of the G-spot but have you heard of the U-spot? Or better yet, explored the swoony, possibly orgasmic sensations it may offer you?

Possibly not, as the U-spot is still a relatively undiscovered female pleasure zone.

The U-Spot certainly doesn't get top billing like Clitoris and her co-star the G-spot, and yet the U-spot could hold the key to you experiencing female ejaculation - the climatic release of liquid that can accompany and often signify a G-spot orgasm.

What is the U-Spot?

The U-spot is a small area of sensitive erectile tissue, rich in nerve-endings, that surrounds the urethra.

This tissue fills with blood when you become aroused, making the area even more sensitive and receptive to stimulation.


Where is the U-Spot?

It's presumably called U-spot for 'urethra' because looking straight on, it's actually 'n'-shaped extending from one side of the urethral opening (the tiny hole you pee from) around the top (toward the clitoris) and over to the other side.U-spot diagram

Extending from the front vaginal wall, around the urethra, all the way to the pubic bone, this spongy tissue contain a group of glands: Skene's Glands.

Skene's Glands

So named after the two glands identified by Scottish Gynaecologist, Alexander Skene in 1880, but more glands around the urethra ('paraurethral') have been discovered since and there is still a lot more of research to be done.

What is coming to light is these area/group of glands appears to be very similar to the male prostate, which plays an important function in the formulation of male ejaculate.


How to stimulate the U-Spot

Lightly stimulating the area between the urethra and vaginal opening with a lubed-up finger or a warm, wet tongue can have explosive results.
  • Slow licks up and down, or round and round, makes for a nice warm up. Licking and teasing the area from the vaginal opening and up to the urethra, as well as grazing the clitoris ‚Äúaccidentally‚ÄĚ every so often, feels great. If you want to try this, you should go slow and pay close attention to responses ‚Äď avoid sensations becoming overwhelming with too much pressure or fast licking.
  • Slowly and lightly (it‚Äôs not a door bell so no firm pushing required) stroke, circle and pat the area with fingers covered in lube¬†(dry fingers can feel rough).
  • Patting around and just under the urethra tends to work exceptionally well ‚Äďthe recipient will¬†feel the patting through to their G-spot. Magic!

U-Spot & Squirting 

Stimulation of the U-spot can potentially result in squirting.

Despite (poorly researched) information from scientists declaring female ejaculation is a myth, this gush of fluid is very real and can absolutely happen. Just place a towel on the bed, and carry on exploring...

Read more about erogenous zones and orgasms here!

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