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Honey G-Spot Dildos

Our collection of Honey G-Spot Dildos chosen by women. Our Honey G-Spot dildos are sensually shaped and specially angled for G-Spot pleasure. Available as regular and vibrating dildos, in unique marbling or pure colours, we hand-pour each one with love, using body-safe silicone. Explore our G-Spot advice guides and prepare to go g-spotting!

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12 products

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12 products

  • Honey 3 G-Spot Dildo
  • Honey 6 G-Spot Dildo
  • Honey 1 G-Spot Dildo
  • Honey 5 G-Spot Dildo
  • Honey 2 G-Spot Dildo
  • Honey 3 Vibrating G-Spot ...
  • Honey 2 Vibrating G-Spot ...
  • Honey 4 G-Spot Dildo
  • Honey 6 Vibrating G-Spot ...
  • Honey 1 Vibrating G-Spot ...
  • Honey 5 Vibrating G-Spot ...
  • Honey 4 Vibrating G-Spot ...

Honey Dildo FAQ's

Discuss size, especially width with your partner! You can always limit how deep a dildo goes inside, but a too-wide dildo will be uncomfortable. Remember, some length will be lost once you slip a dildo into a harness for strap-on play. Body curves will also limit dildo length, so choose a longer dildo than you would use hand-held.

Honeys are fulfilling dildos - there's none that are 1 finger-width size. If you prefer a slimmer sex toy, we recommend looking at Wirly Dildos instead.

A real cutie-pie, at 4.75 inches, Honey 1 Dildo is the perfect choice for those looking for a short dildo with stimulating G-spot sensations. Or for extra length, Honey 2 Dildo offers 5.25 inches but with the same curvy girth.

Honey dildos are ideal if you enjoy full sensations and G-spot stimulation.
Honey 3 Dildo - 3 fingers wide and 6 inches tall (best-seller)
Honey 4 Dildo - 3 fingers and 4.75 inches short
Honey 5 Dildo - 3 fingers and a mid-size 5.25 inches

A Vibrating Honey Dildo means you can both benefit from a sensual buzz during strap-on play. The person wearing the strap-on will feel vibrations against their pubic area (oooh!), and the receiver gets to enjoy the vibes through the shaft (oooh!). Note: The larger the dildo, the more gentle the vibrations.

Honey G-Spot Dildo in Blue Marble Silicone

Honey DildO Sizes

Insertable length / Diameter at widest

Slimmer Models

Honey 1: 4.75 inch long x 1.5 inch diam

Honey 2: 5.25 inch long x 1.5 inch diam

Honey 3: 6 inch long x 1.75 inch diam

Wider Models

Honey 4: 4.75 inch long x 1.75 inch diam

Honey 5: 5.25 inch long x 1.75 inch diam

Honey 6: 6.25 inch long x 2 inch diam

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