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What is a Finger Vibrator and How Does it Work?

What is a Finger Vibrator and How Does it Work? - Sh! Women's Store

Why Use a Finger Vibrator?

Finger vibrators are fabulous for delivering clitoral stimulation in a discreet way.

We particularly recommend them to couples who want to close the orgasm gap during penetration. As we know, 75- 80% of clit-owners need focused clitoral stimulation during intercourse to climax, and a vibrator held against the clit is a great way to deliver this.

But many vibes can feel like a 3rd wheel during couple's sex - an intrusion, rather than an addition. 

Not so, finger vibes. Slipped onto your partner's finger, it becomes an extension of them - simply a zingy addition to rubbing your clit and giving you the extra stimulation to tip you over the edge.

Finger vibes are also popular with lesbian couples for obvious reasons - fingers being sapphic tricks of the trade! Thrilling digits ;) 

Finger vibrators are also deservedly popular with sex toy newbies. They're affordable, easy to use and very discreet - all great first-vibe qualities!  

How to use a Finger Vibrator.

One of THE most simple vibrators to use, a finger vibrator simply slips onto your finger and transforms your digit into a thrilling extension!
As well as delivering dedicated clitoral pleasure during penetration or masturbation, there are other great ways to enjoy a finger vibe:

  • Try using your vibrating finger to tease necks, nipples and stomachs.
  • If you have a female lover, bring your vibrating finger into play when you go down on them. A finger vibe, obviously adds an extra thrilling element to fingering them too! ;)
  • If you have a male lover, why not try sliding your finger vibe slowly lower and lower over the stomach, party bag (testicles) and up & down the penis shaft, during a hand or blow-job.

Silicone Finger Vibrator

This simple finger vibrator is a great choice for a first vibrator for clitoral stimulation. It's quiet and affordable, with a medium-intensity, single-speed buzz.  

Dory Finger Vibrator

For such a small vibrator, this finger vibe is a powerhouse of clit-tingling pleasure. It delivers high-intense vibration, along with 9 different pleasure patterns to explore. It's rechargeable, so no more fiddling with batteries.Dory Finger Vibrator in Purple Silicone - Sh! Women's Store

Extendable Finger Vibe

Offers a lot in a small package! This finger vibe offers 9 strong patterns that can be operated remotely, allowing for some teasing partner games if you hand the remote control to your lover. The real benefit is that it slips over your whole finger, adding extra length and width to penetrative fingering play... *whistles* Also; rechargeable and waterproof!
a bright pink finger extending vibrator

Browse our finger vibes here!

If you’d like tailored advice or recommendations, just drop us a line at You’ll receive a private reply, but we may also share the Q&A on our blog so others can benefit. We promise it will always be anonymous with nothing left in it to identify you xx

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