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Sex Toy Review: Evie Tapping Vibe with Vibrating Love Ball

Sex Toy Review: Evie Tapping Vibe with Vibrating Love Ball

Read our toy tester's sex toy review of Evie Dual Vibe with an attached vibrating love ball here:

I haven't had much experience with tapping vibes, so I was curious, albeit apprehensive. A previous experiment with an earlier version of Evie without the love ball was a little much for my sensitive flower. At full charge, the vibe left my clitoris feeling battered, and I reported a case of an 'unhappy vag' to my boss.

I was sent home with a different version - Evie with an attached love ball. Much better!

On a full charge, Evie Dual Tapping Vibe has to power two motors instead of just one. The stimulation is still strong, but not overwhelming. My clit is a happy bean :)

What is a tapping vibe? 

It's tricky to accurately describe the motion of 'tapping'

It's a high-powered and fast patting motion that feels great. (It's mesmerizing to look at!)

The tapping stimulates the entire vulva rather than just the clitoris, which is great if you're a fan of dispersed stimulation. The tapping is deep and stimulates the internal clitoris - the part of the clitoris you can't see or touch. The clitoral bulbs fill with blood in time with arousal, and I find the patting sensations particularly good for this.

The tapping motion pats the urethra as well. The tissue around this also fills with blood during arousal, making the area more responsive to stimulation. But - the fun doesn't end there: I found that the external thrumming reverberates into my G-spot too!

It's super-exciting to have the whole area stimulated!

How to use a tapping vibe

Lube is essential for a sensual sesh. Any water-based lube works, but my personal favourite is Sh! Pure. Pure is free from scent, after-taste & parabens and keeps both my vag and Evie happy :) 

Switch on the toy by pressing the On/Off button at the back of the clitoral stimulator for 3 seconds. A quick buzz and a blue glow around the controls tell you that Evie is ready to play. 

Press the 'labia' button (nope, I'm not joking - I love this design!) to start the tapping. Subsequent presses let you scroll through the various modes. There are 3 speeds (fast > faster > fastest!) and 4 patterns. I generally prefer wave patterns when it comes to vibrations, but continuous tapping does it for me.

The clitoral stimulator rests comfortably in the palm of the hand, and it's easy to position correctly. It features a bead under the soft silicone, mimicking a tapping finger. The tapping sensation thrills the entire vulva and can be used to circle the clit to help build arousal. 

Once you're ready for more, just hold the tapping pad over the clit - easy! 

Vibrating love ball

The attached love ball is smaller than most internal toys, which I like. I'm peri-menopausal, and there is some vaginal atrophy (shrinkage), so I'm sizing down whenever possible.

The love ball is attached to the clitoral stimulator with a flexible silicone cord. This means the ball can be inserted into the vagina, and the toy becomes a dual stimulator. The love ball rests against the G-spot when inserted, and this is a wet dream for me - blended orgasms are my faves!

Evie vibrating love ball offers 3 speeds and 4 pleasure modes, which is more than enough. I can bring on my orgasm faster by squeezing and relaxing my pelvic floor around the small ball. This is akin to doing Kegels - but in a more pleasurable way :)

With the patting and tapping on the vulva and the internal vibrations from the love ball... My eyes didn't quite roll around in their sockets - but not far from it!

Evie tapping vibe with vibrating love ball in purple silicone

Vibrator volume 

Evie Dual Tapping Vibe is not a silent toy by any means. It doesn't bother me, but you might want to turn up the music to keep flatmates from knowing you're about to have a thunderous climax! 

Tips for using Evie Tapping Vibe

  • The vibrating ball can be used for clitoral play if you fancy vibration rather than tapping occasionally. This makes this toy a multi-tasker, so you get more bang for your buck :)
  • Evie is fab for two women or vulva owners to enjoy together. One holds the tap pad, and the other has the vibrating love ball - fun for everyone!
  • Another option, if you fancy it, is adding a butt plug, anal dildo or partner's penis to the party, so you have all areas covered! As the vibrating love ball is a petite size, simultaneous anal insertion doesn't feel overwhelming. This is an excellent way to try double-penetration if you are curious about it.
  • Want to try multiple orgasms? Because this vibe is a dual stimulator, it's great for edging or swapping between clit & G-spot to keep coming again and again. 

Care & cleaning

Like most modern vibes, Evie has a magnetic USB charging cable. The cable attaches to Evie via 2 tiny magnets at the back of the stimulator. 2 hours gives you a full charge. It's tricky to say how long the vibrations will last - it depends on the intensity you choose to enjoy. I'd say to recharge Evie regularly, as you don't want to run out of power just before the climax!

Evie Dual Tapping Vibe is splashproof for easy cleaning. I was a bit lazy and didn't dry the decorative band properly, which has resulted in a bit of wear & tear. My bad.

Lesson learned: Dry the shiny band and the magnetic charging points before storing Evie away.

Overall verdict

I'm really happy with Evie dual stimulator. As it turns out, I enjoy tapping far more than I thought! The first couple of tries were more about exploring what the toy does, but once I figured out what it can do... Wowzers! My orgasms are coming in thick and fast, and it doesn't take long either :p

My sex toy review: I like that this sex toy is versatile and can be used in many ways. It looks a bit peculiar, but it gets a 5/5 from me!

Buy Evie Dual Tapping Vibe here! 

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Sex Toy Review: Evie Tapping Vibe with Vibrating Love Ball
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