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Sex Shop Diary: Celebs, Scousers & Frisky Lesbians!

Sex Shop Diary: Celebs, Scousers & Frisky Lesbians!


An A-list female celebrity comes in, looking for ‘something fun’ as she’s been having a tough time after a much-publicised split with her long-term partner. She is very interested in all the products, and we have a great time looking at the toys together.

She’s friendly and chatty, and we are all bowled over by her charm. The papers have recently mentioned a new love-interest, and we're not surprised when she refers to her new fella (a well-known TV personality). Mid-conversation she slips in this little gem: 'he gave me 8 of 10 for blow job – he says I’m great at sucking cock'!


We get a visit from a lovely Liverpudlian lady in her golden years. She says she's visited the shop once before, just after it opened. She buys a bagful of thrilling goodies, signs up to our emailing list and promises to come back soon...

It's wonderful to see that women (and men) of a certain age still have a burning lust for fun sex. :)  We hope she doesn't leave it so long until her next visit! 


A Saphic couple comes in; there’s lots of wet kissing and touching going on. We discreetly leave them to it. Eventually they pick a good selection of lesbian sex toys. As they pay for their goodies, they tell us how much they are going to enjoy using them once they get home.

A couple of hours later,  a member of staff gets on public transport and plonks herself down on the nearest available seat. To her horror, she's picked a seat directly opposite the frisky couple.

Our 'sex shop etiquette' dictates that we do not ‘recognise’ customers in public, unless they acknowledge us first, in which case it's fine to say hello. It's obvious that the couple are uncomfortable with having their sex shop staff in such close proximity in a public space, so our girl engrosses herself in a glossy magazine, determined to not make eye contact...

Never has a journey across London been so long and slow! 


A young woman with Lichen Sclerosis (‘shrinking’ vagina) comes to see us. It’s her first trip to Sh!, and she's here on the advice of her nurse.  We sit down with a cup of tea, and she tells us abut this devastating condition. We talk about products that could be suitable for Lichen Sclerosis and she eventually purchases a Vaginal Dilating Kit.

This will be useful for keeping her vagina from fully closing. 

We ask her to stay in touch  - we hope we'll be able to offer more advice and support when she's a little further down her journey to a fulfilling sex life. :)


A local burlesque artist stops by...with her mother in hot pursuit.

We always love it when mother & daughter combos visit the shop together. After chatting with this pair, we find out that the mother used to work in the adult industry, so the four sisters grew up discussing sex around the dining table. The mother shares a hilarious story about the youngest sister, who once asked (loudly, whilst waiting in a queue) if the mother had ever performed a blow job. We almost pee ourselves with laughter!

As you can see, the customers make our days here at Sh! We have so much fun, and we can't wait to see what next week has in store for us.



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