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Sex Toy Review: Doxy Wand Massager Attachment

Sex Toy Review: Doxy Wand Massager Attachment

It’s no secret that I love my Doxy wand massager; it certainly has pride of place plugged in next to my bed. Don’t be fooled though, despite the Doxy 3 being much smaller and lighter than the Original and Die Cast models, it still packs a massive punch with the same top speed of approximately 9000 rpm as its big brothers. The smaller head makes it easier to target your exact pleasure points, which is perfect for people like me who need very direct stimulation.

The only thing the Doxy 3 really lacked was the option to have attachments as the head was far too small to fit anything that was on the market. However, Doxy has teamed up with another British sex toy company, Nexus, and created 4 attachments purely for the Doxy 3.

It is worth noting that because the attachments do screw on with an internal metal cap it does mean that they can only be used with the Doxy 3 and not any other wand.

All made from body-safe silicone, there is something for everyone with a butt plug, penis sleeve, flickering clitoral stimulator, and rabbit-style attachment. I have been eyeing up the attachments for a while now and so when Sh! offered me the chance to try out the rabbit attachment, I really couldn’t resist! Normally, I am very fussy with rabbit-style toys and very few really match up to my requirements, but I really do love my Doxy 3 so I was definitely excited to try out this combination of two of the most iconic sex toys.

Doxy Wand Attachments: First Impressions

My first impressions were really good; yes the toy is pretty firm but the silicone is silky smooth and feels great to the touch. The longer internal arm has quite a lot of flex to it so it's pretty manoeuvrable so you can find the right position for you. For G-spot stimulation, I like a lot of firm pressure and the head feels very firm so I was hoping for good things.

At its widest point, the internal arm is around 3 fingers in size. I’d recommend adding a good quality water-based lubricant, such as Sh! Liquid Lube to just help glide the toy in. As the attachment is made of silicone, please do not use a silicone-based lube as it can damage the toy.

The shorter clitoral arm has some flexibility to help position the toy in the right position but is firm enough to not compromise on clitoral contact.

The attachment is really easy to put on the Doxy wand massager. Simply unscrew the round head cap from the Doxy and screw on the rabbit instead. Cleaning is a doddle as you can remove the attachment and wash that separately. (Obviously, the wand itself is not waterproof so please do remove the attachment before cleaning!)

The only downside to this attachment is the size. Although the attachment itself isn’t huge, it does add a considerable amount of length to the relatively short Doxy 3. This does make it a little awkward if you prefer to masturbate laying on your front.

If the length is an issue I would suggest having a look at the butt plug attachment. It is designed for prostate stimulation so it has a nice bulb to the head which I think will target the G-spot really well.

The attachment does increase the weight noticeably and makes the toy a little top-heavy. If weight the issue, the butt plug attachment does still add extra weight.

Adding the attachments does negate some of the Doxy 3’s selling points of being so compact and relatively lightweight. This is not necessarily a negative but is worth thinking about.

Massager Attachments in Use: The Important Bit!

Turning it on, I was impressed with how well the vibrations transmitted to the tips of the attachment. You don’t quite get the full force of the Doxy, but there is definitely still more than enough power to satisfy this power queen! Admittedly, I did need to turn the Doxy up a little bit higher than I would normally have it, but I don’t normally use my Doxy on the top setting anyway, so I had some power to spare!

I think the vibration does transmit so well is partly down to the way you screw the attachment onto the wand, rather than adding the attachment over the existing head, so there are fewer layers of material the vibrations have to travel through.

The length and curve of the internal arm allow you to experiment with positioning so it works for your body. I also think the simple cylindrical design of the external arm really helps too, as you can position that anywhere down the clitoris and inner labia rather than having to rely on the tip of the toy, which is often the case with more traditional ear style rabbits. I do struggle to find rabbits that fit my anatomy well, but this one really does work for me. It did take a little bit of wiggling and experimenting to find the perfect position but now I have found it, I have no difficulties hitting the spot easily each time.

I also found that, because of the length, there was a lot of scope for deeper penetration and even allowed for a little thrusting of the toy without losing too much clitoral contact. As I have said, I do need firm pressure to really enjoy G-spot stimulation and the head of the internal arm worked really well for me; definitely one of the better silicone toys I’ve used in that respect.

I find it easier to orgasm from clitoral stimulation rather than G-spot stimulation, so ultimately the clitoral stimulation won out and I had a clitoral orgasm rather than a G-spot or blended orgasm. Obviously, this is not a complaint in itself; there is no hierarchy of orgasms after all. However, I mention it because if you are looking for a G-spot or blended orgasm, particularly for the first time, the rabbit attachment may not be the best option for you. I would maybe suggest that the butt plug attachment and a different clitoral toy might be worth thinking about though.

That being said, the amount of power in the vibration and the firmness of the tip definitely still made the internal arm highly pleasurable for me in a way that many rabbits cannot match. Although my orgasms have been clitoral, the G-spot stimulation did hold its own far better than I was expecting.

One unexpected issue I did find is that the attachment really increased the noise of the wand. Now, the Doxy 3 is not a quiet toy anyway, but the increase in volume is noticeable. On the normal wand head, there is a small silicone lip that tucks down between two metal elements. There is no such lip on the rabbit attachment (or any of the attachments) and I believe this is what is causing the noise increase. There is also more transmission of the vibration through the body of the wand too.

Wand Massager Attacments: Conclusion

I am always a little sceptical about rabbits, but this attachment has really won me over. Yes, it is very noisy, but it certainly delivers the power to my G-spot fantastically, without overdoing it and buzzing me into numbness. The shape and flexibility of both arms mean that it is going to work for a lot of different people.

Huge thanxx to Calie for 'taking one for the team' - we love it when our team members enjoy their "homework"! :D

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