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Menstrual Cup Review

Menstrual Cup Review
Personal Info:
  • Name: Phoenix
  • Age: 30
  • Given birth: No, vaginally or otherwise
  • Before menstrual cups I used: o.b. tampons (applicator-free)
  • Which Menstrual Cup(s) do I use: DivaCup (Size 1), Fun Factory Fun Cup (Size A), Intimina Ziggy

I’ve been using menstrual cups since 2014. I started with a DivaCup Size 1 and immediately fell in love. I had been using applicator-free tampons and thus was already avoiding excess plastic use, but I was intrigued by the idea that I could go a whole day without dashing to the bathroom to change, and also excited by the idea that I wouldn’t have to keep a mental tally of how many tampons I had in my bathroom/purse/backpack/coat pocket every month.

I’ve figured a pretty good rhythm for my body: heavier days at the beginning of my cycle mean I’m emptying my cup every 4-6 hours and backing it up with period-proof underwear. After the first couple days, I can switch to a smaller cup and wear it all day long, only emptying it before bed and when I wake in the morning.

Since it’s been about five years, I figured it’s time to augment or replace my DivaCup with something new.  Enter – the Fun Factory Fun Cup, and the curious-looking Ziggy Cup.

My first cup is a very simple design, similar to the Moon Cup: a standard cup-shaped receptacle with a stem. Many of my friends who also use cups don’t like the stem, and trim them off.  I was never too bothered by the stem, but the Fun Cup does away with it altogether and I appreciate the streamlined silhouette.  The Fun Cup also has an asymmetrical rim, which fits more securely around the curves of the cervix, thus reducing the risk of leaks.

The Fun Cup Size A has a 20mL capacity, which I feel is a little too small for me. This is compared to my DivaCup Size 1, with a 30mL capacity. Both are intended for women 30 years old or younger, and who have not given birth vaginally.

Brilliantly, Fun Factory has taken some of the guesswork out of selecting the right cup for you. Each pack comes with two cups, either two Size A (20mL), two Size B (30mL), or one of each in the Explore Kit.

I only have the Size A, so my solution is to use the Diva on my heavier days and switch down to the Fun Cup once the red tide is low.



Ziggy is the lingerie of menstrual cups: designed for sexytime but wear it whenever you want, girl.  It’s a flat, soft disc that’s meant to sit flush against the cervix to allow mess-free penetrative sex. Period-free period sex? Sign me up!  It claims to have a whopping 76mL capacity but I would be wary of using it to its full capacity. It’s soft and flexible so it bends with your body, but it can also bend itself into a pinch and risk some leakage. Its shape also means the opening is very large.  I’ve only used it on very light days and overnight when I know I’m going to have sex. Even though it looks really big, once you insert it it’s quite comfortable. My partner reports that he can feel it when we’re having sex, but it’s not uncomfortable or distracting. “It just doesn’t feel like you,” he said. That’s why I’d recommend extra lube.

A thought on fit:

It’s so useful to know your own body when it comes to menstrual cups. They save you tons of money in the long run but can feel like a hopeless waste if you can’t find a comfortable fit right away. I’m here to tell you not to lose hope. One day, when you’re not on your period, put a little lube on your cup and practice inserting it and finding a comfortable angle for it to sit.

There are many ways to fold and insert a cup – every package comes with illustrated instructions which I highly recommend you read and practice.  And talk to your friends about their experiences, if they’re comfortable sharing. Everybody finds their own tricks and techniques. Sometimes even another person’s language helps. A woman who also uses the Ziggy explained that it fits best when you tuck it behind your pelvic bone. That may mean nothing to you but when I heard her say that something just *clicked* and I managed to make Ziggy fit perfectly for me using that advice as my guide.

Understanding how to properly fold, insert, and remove a cup in the context of your own body will lend you confidence when your flow starts and you’re in a public bathroom at a summer music festival or a coffee shop (maybe carry some disinfecting wipes for your hands, just in case).

Which brings me to my next suggestion: on-the-go tips:

Fun Factory has done us all a favour by including a Tyvek® carrying case in every kit. Keep some tissues and hand-sanitizing wipes in the case with the extra cup. This way, if you’re caught in a public restroom without access to running water or hand soap, you’re doubly prepared.

The first time I ever used my DivaCup, I developed a mild yeast infection. However, this had nothing to do with the cup itself, but my practices. I was in the middle of my period when I took a two-day back-country hiking trip. No hot or running water and minimal hand-sanitizer, in the middle of bear country squatting behind bushes… it was a one-way ticket to infection. This was completely my fault and once I’d dealt with it I went another round with the DivaCup and found it to work perfectly as advertised. If I had been properly prepared, I could have avoided all that discomfort.

I know some women can develop thrush or pH imbalances with cups – so again, knowing how our bodies work before making a purchase can help us make informed decisions.

If you’re still unsure, pop over to Sh! to take a look at the display models so you can get a feel for the size and flex and compare them in real life. 

There are lots of resources online, too. Try this survey to determine a good starting point:

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