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Sex Toy Review: Demona Wave Vibe

Sex Toy Review: Demona Wave Vibe
It fell on me to take Demona Wave Vibrator home for a test drive - it's a hard job, but someone's gotta do it, right? To be fair, I didn't have much on and it seemed like a fun way of spending an evening.
Little did I know...
First things first: Demona Wave is USB rechargeable which is handy, especially if you like to charge your sex toys as you are working. Multitasking is a buzzword these days, and we all like to save time. Just plug the vibe in to a laptop or PC - easy! So full marks for that.
Material: Demona is covered in soft, strokeable silicone which is hypoallergenic, non-porous and a pip to keep clean. A good wash with antibacterial hand-wash and hot water is all it takes to keep Demon clean and germ-free. Again, full marks.

How can you put a price on an orgasm?

Style: Luxurious, definitely. But at a better price. At £86 (at point of writing), Demona Wave is much purse-friendlier that similar toys from Lelo, for example. I didn't actually pay for this toy (nor did I steal it, in case you are wondering). No, it was given to me in exchange for a fair review. Still, £86 is very fair for what you are getting and I would pay full price for this vibrator.
Volume: Demona Wave packs a punch - a triple-whammy of pleasure - and for that, I can forgive the noise-factor.  The wave-motion does cause a whirr, there is no way around that. (Well, actually, there is a way around that: turn up the music or TV if you have thin walls or the noise irritates you.) It's not too bad though: it's not the noisiest toy I own, but nor is it the quietest. I doesn't bother me too much, but I'm deducting a point for volume.
Design: Ergonomically curved and well-designed, Demona Wave follows the internal curve of a woman's body. The shaft lays flat against the G-spot, and if you don't believe in the G-spot, this vibrator might just change your mind... More about that later.
In use: The handle rests comfortably in your hand, and the 3-button interface is easy to use with only one hand.

I think this toy needs to be renamed; Demona doesn't to it justice. It should be called 'Nora', as in "Bloody Nora!"

Being a dual stimulator, Demona has a shaft for internal pleasure, but also a small, soft clitoral stimulator that reaches over to tease the clitoris. It's flexible, meaning it can be positioned where you want it for best stimulation. 8 different modes offer plenty of variety to suit all tastes. Personally I'm a bit too lazy to spend hours experimenting - I'm much likelier to opt for the setting I know will work wonders every single time.
If you choose to use Demona  as a standard vibrator without the wave-motion activated, you'll find that the firm shaft presses against the G-spot area and deliver a deep, rumbly buzz that feels fantastic.

If you enjoy vibes that shake you to the bones, you got it!

Activate the wave-motion and you have a whole new party on your hands and in your pants: the shaft moves and presses against the G-spot area in slow, deliberate strokes. A friend said she thought the come-hither strokes looked far too slow to offer pleasure, but I disagree. The slowness gives you a chance to focus on each movement, inching you closer and closer to what you just know will be a crazy intense orgasm. Bliss!
If you are new to G-spot play and G-spot orgasms, this slow wave motion is a good way of finding out how it all works.  Clench your pelvic floor muscle in time with the internal waves and you might find yourself cresting much sooner than expected...

On first use, Demona Wave Vibe caused female ejaculation to happen - completely unexpected but much enjoyed!

As a non-regular ejaculator, this was a fun bonus that threw me a little bit. So, a word of warning - it could happen to you too. ;)
All in all, Demona quickly became one of my all-time favourite vibrators and comes highly recommended by my muffkin.
*Always use a good waterbased lube like Sh! Pure when using Demona Wave Vibrator.

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