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How to Use Sex Toys for a Solstice to Remember

How to Use Sex Toys for a Solstice to Remember

The summer solstice, the longest day of the year, falls on Monday, June 21st. The UK will enjoy precisely 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight, which means it's the perfect time to luxuriate in a long day of pleasure with a stash of thrilling sex toys.

Summer solstice celebrations around the globe include sunrise gatherings, dancing around the May Pole, and building bonfires. If you are a fan of celebratory fireworks and arousing adventures, our buffet of vibrating delights is guaranteed to get your heart (and genitals) throbbing!

Read on for tips on how to use our exciting new sex toys to help you create a memorable solstice:

Still in Bed: Wheel of Pleasure Licking Vibrator

The Wheel of Pleasure caught our imagination as soon as we laid our eyes on it. This nifty little licker is a great playtime buddy and perfect for slow, sleepy not-quite-awake sex.

A spinning wheel with a series of soft silicone tongues deliver licks and flicks whenever and wherever you want them: Nipples, clitoris, frenulum, butt... You name it, the Wheel of Pleasure will lick it!

You'll be spoilt for choice with no less than 9 pleasure modes on the wheel - plus another 9 powerful vibration settings.

How to use a licking sex toy

Licking sex toys are easy peasy to use. Apply a small amount of water-based lube to the soft tongue tips and switch the wheel on. The tongues deliver delicious sensations to any part of your body, but honing in on your clitoris or anus for some raunchy rimming is just dreamy!

The Wheel of Pleasure offers the option of using just the gentle lapping, or you can ramp up the pleasure by switching on the vibration for extra oomph as you're getting closer to a magnificent finish.

Breakfast: Flutter Dual-Ended Clit Vibe

If you prefer to be properly awake for your orgasms, the Flutter is a fabulous vibe for a pleasure hit to match the strength of your first cup of coffee.

Four silicone petals are shaped and positioned for playful teasing all over the body. Flutter past sensitive nipples, down to the curve of the stomach and belly button, before dipping below the knicker-line.

Covered in silky-smooth silicone, Flutter packs a sexy punch with two strong motors. This dual-ended vibe offers 9 intense modes on the fluttery tips + another 9 powerful vibrations in its handle for flutter-free thrills if you want to head straight for a big finish.

How to use a fluttery sex toy

Add a drizzle of lube to the fluttery tips before switching Flutter on. This is a great sex toy for experimenting with edging, or bringing yourself as close to orgasm as possible without tipping over the edge. Use the fluttery tips to tempt & tease, switch on the vibration to edge closer to climax, then go back to teasing... Play for as long as you can stand it before allowing yourself a spectacular firework of an orgasm!

Elevenses: Dory Finger Vibrator

By now, you should be ready for a cheeky lil mid-morning break. If you prefer your cuppa with a side of finger-vibe, we have just the thing!

Slipping a digit into one of these makes fingering extra fun and, with the help of the strong vibrations, magical. Choose from 9 pleasure modes, including steady vibrations, quick pulses and slow waves.

Dory finger vibrator is perfect for exploring sensations around the clitoris, along labia lips and around the opening of the vagina, where lots of nerve-endings are located. 

How to use a finger vibrator

Give your finger extra power by slipping it into a small vibrator. Add a small amount of slick lube, and play in all the manner of ways you (or your partner) love best. Vibrations are strong, and the ribs on the tip work wonders when stroked against the clitoris or G-spot.

sex toys: finger vibrator in purple silicone
Dory Finger Vibrator

Building an Appetite: Candy Pink A-spot Rabbit Vibe

By lunchtime, you'll have worked up an appetite, and luckily, we're serving up a large portion!

The A-spot Rabbit is an innovative sex toy designed for deeper penetration. The shaft houses two independent motors with 9 modes each. But the magic doesn't end there - the really cool thing about this toy is the soft pad located on the tip of the shaft. This pad provides a sensual, insisted "tapping" against the A-spot, or Anterior Fornix. The A-spot is a highly erogenous zone located on the front wall of the vagina, just in front of the cervix. If you're a fan of deep penetration, chances are it's your A-spot that adores attention...

How to use a tapping rabbit vibrator

Like with all the exciting sex toys mention above, lube makes all the difference. Lube creates slip-slidey sensations and takes care of any dry spots inside the vagina. For comfortable rabbit play, make sure to add water-based lube to both shaft and rabbit ears.

Build arousal by teasing the clitoris with the bunny ears before gliding the shaft into place. When positioning feels just right, switch on the tapping feature and/or the vibrations (depending upon what you're in the mood for). From here, the rabbit will do most of the work for you, though you might feel that you want to move it around a little to make sure you get stimulation exactly where you want it.

Rabbits are well-known for delivering banging climaxes, and this one is no different - let the rabbit do its job by stimulating all your hot spots while you like back and just enjoy the ride!

sex toys: rabbit for a-spot stimulation in pink
Candy Pink A-spot Rabbit

Tea Break: Remote Control Vibrating Duo Cock Ring

An afternoon tea break is a must, only this time, swap out the cookies for something with a little more sizzle.

Cock rings are great for couples, and this is one of our absolute favourites. Covered in smooth silicone, it features two stretchy rings and a sizable pad for grinding against. Like all the other new, fabulous vibes, it offers 9 intense settings.

Using a vibrating cock ring has many benefits, but the two main ones are:

  • The vibrations make it likelier that a vulva-owning partner will orgasm.
  • The snugness around the base of the penis makes the erection firmer and more sensitive.

How to use a vibrating cock ring

Add a small amount of water-based lube to the penis and slide the inner ring over the shaft. Gently stretch the outer ring and pop the party-bag through it. The resulting squeeze should feel comfortable and sensual.

Switch on the exciting vibrations, and find your favourite setting. We recommend that the receiving partner goes on top, as this will ensure they can move against the clit-pad in all the ways that feel best.

Dinner: Double-Ended Vibrator

Some prefer a full plate and others prefer a lighter offering for dinner, and thankfully we have a sex toy that does both!

Two insertable, non-identical ends pleasures two places or two people. One end features a moving pleasure bead for sensual clit or G-spot stimulation, whilst the other end offer vibrations. Play by yourself, or invite someone special to this tasty solstice meal.

This double-ended vibrator is fantastic for couples; sharing is caring, after all. Not only will you get to set your end to your favourite vibe mode, but you also get to watch your partner enjoy their end… 

How to use a double-ended vibrators

Double-ended vibes are versatile and every toy box deserves one for that reason. Coat both ends in the all-essential lube, before choosing who gets which end (toss a coin if you can't decide!).

Double-ended vibes are versatile, and every toy box deserves one for that very reason. Coat both ends in the all-essential lube before choosing who gets to enjoy which end (toss a coin if you can’t decide!).

One end features a moving bead under the silky-smooth silicone, which can be used for stroking the clitoris or the G-spot to orgasmic effect. The bead has 9 slide settings and 3 speeds, so press it if you wanna go faster. The other end is vibration only, but with 9 thrilling modes, you are definitely spoilt for choice!

Dessert: Anal Beads

Perk up your posterior with a sweet treat after dinner!

Anal beads are great for anyone keen on exploring backdoor pleasure. Our Lily and Lala anal beads are made from soft and seamless silicone, the best material for all sex toys. Silicone is free from phthalates and latex and super-easy to keep clean.

Any toy intended for the butt must have a safe handle or flared base, which both of these super-cute strings of beads do.

How to use anal beads

The anus isn't self-lubricating, so it's essential to have a bottle of anal lube to hand for any kind of play in this area.

Lube up each bead before slowly inserting it into the butt. As these beads are so soft and flexible, they'll follow the internal canal of the rectum, making play safe, sensual and very comfortable. The trick of anal beads is to firmly but gently (you're not trying to start a lawnmower, babes!) pull the string of beads out at the exact point of climax (timing is everything). This is especially great if you have a prostate as the anal beads will ripple over it, prolonging and intensifying the climax. Wowzers!

Midnight Feast: Zeus Remote Control Prostate Massager

Come midnight, we all fancy a little something-something, right? Lo and behold, sexy Zeus is ready to rock up and fulfil anal appetites!

Velvety-soft silicone covers this elegant prostate massager. Slightly longer than a finger and shaped for spot-on prostate exploration, Zeus is a great p-spot toy for newbies.

Zeus offers 9 intense pleasure modes, and the remote control makes it much easier to explore vibrating anal pleasure by yourself. The safe base doubles as a perineum massager, which adds to the sensuality of the experience.

How to use a prostate massager

Add a generous amount of anal lube to the insertable shaft of Zeus before slowly easing the massager in. Once in place, scroll through the various settings using the remote until you find a mode that ticks your prostate pleasure box. Try gently rocking the massager back and forth to see how that alters sensations. Simultaneously stroking the penis with your other hand amps up the pleasure, and your p-spot exploration sesh will almost be guaranteed to end in a fantastic climax!

black prostate massager with removebale bullet vibe
Zeus Prostate Massager

After Party Snack: Dawn Dual Stimulation Vibrator

After a long day of celebrating both light and delight, there is still time for one more treat.

Dawn delivers clitoral pleasure and internal sensations to blow your socks off. With 9 clit-licking settings and 9 vibration modes to enjoy, you’ll want more, more, more! A tiny tongue is hidden away inside the opening of the nozzle, and as this presses against the clitoris, alongside the fulfilling sensations of the shaft, your chances of a mind-blowing climax are way higher than those of the England football team winning the Euro tournament!

How to use a dual stimulating vibrator

Coat the insertable shaft and clitoral nozzle with lube for penetrative comfort and sensual clit play. Start gently and work up in intensity as your arousal builds. Press the toy closer to your vulva if you feel that you want deeper penetration as you are inching closer and closer towards orgasm...

All of these delightful sex toys are made from body-safe silicone, free from phthalates and latex. They are 100% waterproof for fun times in the bath or shower, and the vibrators are all USB rechargeable. Want to know more about how to use sex toys day or night? Catch up on some of our other exciting blog posts! Ready to go? Start shopping today!

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