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Beginners Guide to Anal Beads

Beginners Guide to Anal Beads - Sh! Women's Store

Anal beads are a popular sex toy option for anal play newbies. A string of small ball-shapes, anal beads are designed to be popped into the anus and then gently pulled back out for pleasure.

The beads can be round or slightly elongated for easy insertion. They are often graduated in size, starting with the smallest bead or ball and gradually increasing in size. The idea is to slowly pop each lubed-up bead into the anus. The anal sphincter contract and relax around each new bead which is an erotic sensation many find irresistible…

How to use anal beads

Make sure to coat the anus and the flexible string of beads in a generous amount of anal lubricant. The anus isn't self-lubricating, so adding moisture is essential for safe, pain-free play.

Most anal aficionados love the way their sphincter opens and close to make space for another bead, and going slowly is the aim of the game. Using anal beads is not a race - it's a journey of sensual sensations in your butt.

If you are playing with a partner, try adding add some delish oral sex to the front while the beads are inserted into the butt...

a string of black anal beads

Anal bead safety

Anal beads should have a guard, a flared base or a handle to avoid them getting sucked up into the rectum. We’ve seen (and rejected) plenty of anal beads which don’t have sturdy means of keeping a grip, and we recommend choosing your anal beads wisely.

There are several types of beads on the market, ranging from cheap plastic to pricey quartz. Many anal beads are moulded with a ridge around them, which can be sharp and painful for the delicate anal membranes. We always advise choosing smooth beads without seams.

Lots of cheaper anal beads are strung with knotted string which isn’t going to look pretty after a few uses. (We don’t want to alarm you, but we have heard of instances when the string has snapped!) If you can, always choose anal beads made of sturdy silicone to avoid such mishaps…

We want your anal play to be safe and pleasurable, and therefore we choose our anal bead range with care. We reject any products we feel are unsafe to use or tricky to clean.

a string of black anal beads

Best materials for anal beads

Silicone is the best material for anal beads, especially for beginners. Silicone is soft, smooth, flexible and quickly warms up to body temperature. Silicone is non-porous, so incredibly body-safe and easily cleaned and sterilized, which is essential if you plan to share your beads with a partner. 

Glass or stainless steel toys with beaded shafts offer the same sphincter-squeeze sensations - but with a delicious weightiness that can be hard to beat. However, as these materials have no flexibility, they are an acquired taste and best for more advanced anal players. Sex toys made of glass or steel are, like silicone toys, easy to clean and sterilize.

stainless steel wand

Vibrating anal beads

Vibrating anal beads feel fantastic to play with. First, you get the slow insertion of the beads, one by one. Then, you add vibration, and your toes may just curl with pleasure! The anus is packed with sensitive and super-responsive nerve-endings, magnifying the sensual sensations.

Adding a buzz to your anal beads can help your butt relax, as well as spread a thrill throughout the pelvic area!

a strong of black anal beads next to a black remote control


Anal Bead Tips & Tricks

The most popular anal beads trick is inserting the beads sex trick into a guy or prostate-owner's butt - and pulling them out at the point of ejaculation. The feeling of beads and jizz bursting forth is supposedly out of this world!

Many women & vulva-owners also enjoy the feeling of beads being pulled out during climax, although it's perhaps less intense. Also, try wearing them during penetration for a feeling of fulness.

Just like every sexual activity, being really turned on will enhance your experience and enjoyment.

  • In between ‘insertions,' massage the anus with small circular movements.
  • Use your other hand to stimulate erogenous zones like nipples, clitoris, penis…
  • Take your time to really heighten the moment. Try sliding each bead in and out for a lovely and repetitive sphincter-squeeze!
  • Keep breathing. It's common to impede pleasure by shallow breathing or holding the breath. This staves the body of oxygen and makes muscles tense up. This is especially important during anal sex, where relaxation is key.
  • Go slowly, sensually and enjoy the journey! Doggedly going for quick insertion followed by a tricky-to-coordinate withdrawal at the point of orgasm may make you miss the appeal of anal beads.
  • Talking of withdrawal – try not to whip out the beads but gently and sensually draw them out...

Browse our anal beads here!

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