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How to Use a Butt Plug for Anal Pleasure

How to Use a Butt Plug for Anal Pleasure - Sh! Women's Store

butt plug is an anal sex toy designed to be ‘worn’ rather than moved in and out. It provides the wearer with a continual feeling of fullness, pressure and highly arousing awareness of the area. The nerves surrounding the anus are super sensitive, and a butt plug offers constant stimulation. 

This article shares our tips & advice for how to choose and use a butt plug and covers:

Butt plugs are usually diamond-shaped. A small tip flares out to a thicker middle part before sweeping into a narrow neck for the anal muscles to close around. A butt plug should also have a wide or flared base or handle, which prevents the toy from slipping inside the butt.

If the plug lacks a safe base or handle, please put it back on the shelf (or throw it away if it's one you already own). An accident with an unsafe butt plug could end in a trip to A&E, and we don't want this for you.

a stainless steel butt plug with purple jewel

Butt plugs can feel good for everyone

Let's get one thing straight: Anal play doesn't make a person gay. Persons of every gender and sexuality can enjoy butt plugs.

The ass is an area worth exploring, and investing in a butt plug and a bottle of lube is a great start. The anus is a highly erotic and sensitive area. Some lucky peeps can orgasm from having their butt played with!

  • Women & vulva-owners: A butt plug delivers pressure to the vaginal walls, and sensations can feel super intense when both vagina and butt are filled.
  • Men & prostate-havers: A butt plug puts erotic pressure onto the P-spot, located around 1.5 – 3 inches inside the rectum.

The best lube for butt plugs

Anal lube is typically thicker and more viscous and provides long-lasting comfort. The butt isn't self-lubricant so you need to add moisture to ensure play is sexy and pain-free.

You need to know the material your butt plug is made from before choosing a lube to match it with. For anal toys made from silicone, we recommend choosing water-based lube. If you have a toy made from steel or glass, both water-based and silicone-based lubes are suitable. 

Sh! Pure Plus bottle of lube

The best material for anal sex toys

Silicone is the best material for all anal sex toys. Silicone is smooth, feels sensual and is super easy to clean – particularly important for butt toys! This material is usually firm but flexible and follows the internal canal of the rectum better than, say, a stainless steel toy.

There are also anal sex toys made out of glass or stainless steel, but these are more for advanced players due to their unforgiving firmness.

How to use a butt plug

The receiver needs to be aroused to get the full benefit of butt plug play.

Start slowly and play with other erogenous zones before going anywhere near the delicate anus. We recommend exploring with a plug during solo play before taking it into a shared bed. This way, you already know what feels good and can communicate this confidently to your partner.

You can use a butt plug in any position, but some may feel better than others. Try it on all fours, on your back with your legs raised, or even crouching over the butt plug.

Apply a generous amount of thick anal lube to the anus before sensually massaging and stimulating the area with your fingers or the tip of the butt plug.

The anus will start opening up when it feels really relaxed and aroused. Work the butt plug into the butt in harmony with this. Don't force insertion, but keep massaging around the area until the anus lets the plug inside effortlessly.

Angle the butt plug toward the front of your body as you slide it deeper. Once inside, the anal sphincter muscles will close around the narrow neck, holding the plug in place.

A set of four black butt plugs in graduating sizes


Top Tip: Many folks will impede great sex and pleasure by holding their breath. This starves the body of oxygen, and muscles will tense up. Tense sphincters will reject butt plug entry, so keep breathing - deeply! 

With just a couple of insertable inches to play with, the Sh! Small Butt Plug is massively popular with our customers. A really great sex toy, it’s fulfilling without being even remotely overwhelming. The base is perfectly safe, and the plug is small enough to walk around with if you like...

Sh! Beaded Silicone Butt Plug with its graduated beads is super-popular. This one is also a good size for newbies. Insert one bead at a time until all three silicone beads are inside. Then – enjoy!

The Small Gold Butt Plug with Heart-shaped Jewel adds a tempting sparkliness to your rear whilst the weight offers delicious sensations for your butt. This plug is small enough to wear whilst you go about your daily business, but the weight ensures constant sensual awareness and the squeeze it takes to hold it in place…

Vibrating Butt Plug adds a delicious buzz to the feeling of fullness. Vibrations help relax tense anal nerve endings and deliver waves of sensations throughout the area.

Butt plug in pink with a small bottle of lube in a small white gift box.

How long can you wear a butt plug?

You can wear your plug for as long as you want. Many of our customers clean the house or even go to work wearing theirs! Wearing a butt plug outside of the bedroom can be incredibly arousing and a great way to keep the wearer focussed on their pleasure.

Once your body is accustomed to the feeling, it will probably relax and let the plug stay in place. But, for extra security, we’d suggest slipping on your tightest pants so you can relax and feel more confident wearing your toy when you are out and about.

Top Tip: If you are planning a long butt-plug session, we recommend removing your plug regularly to apply more lube – just to make sure you don’t get a sore bottom!

Is a butt plug the right sex toy for you?

A butt plug is best for anal sex play that requires little or no movement. 

Whether you want to enjoy your butt plug as the main event or a side dish to other sexual activities, it offers an erotic feeling of fullness.

If you are looking for a toy that delivers sliding-in-and-out sensations, an anal dildo is better than a butt plug as the lack of neck offers smoother penetration.

Browse all our butt plugs here.

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