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How to Use Anal Vibrators

How to Use Anal Vibrators - Sh! Women's Store

The anus and rectum are incredibly responsive areas of the body, jam-packed with super-sensitive nerve endings. It makes sense that stimulating these areas feels good - nay, great!

Using an anal vibe for solo play is a great way to build sexual confidence and figure out what you like. The buzz of an anal vibrator can thrill the entire pelvic area and help relax tense anal muscles. The sensual sensations help warm up the body and help prepare for bigger things, especially if you’re planning on going all the way with a partner.

If anal pleasure is something you are interested in exploring, this article is for you.

First things first.

Lube for anal play

A good lube is essential for anal play. The rectum isn't self-lubricating, so a good dollop of the slippery stuff is crucial. Depending upon the material of the anal vibrator you want to use, there are two options for lube:

  • Water-based lube¬†is water-soluble (rinses off with water) and perfect for use with anal toys that are made from silicone.
  • Silicone-based lube¬†is super-slippery and long-lasting and needs to be washed off with soap & water. Silicone-based lube is good for toys made from plastic, glass and metal.
A pair of hands squirting lube from a bottle


How to choose an anal vibrator

It's essential to use only toys safe for anal insertion when it comes to butt play. Anal vibrators must have a handle or flared base big enough to stop it from being sucked into yer butt. Using an unsafe toy may end in a stressful visit to A&E, where an over-stretched team will have to fish out a lost anal toy for you.

When it comes to anal vibrators, size definitely matters. The size of your chosen sex toy will feel amplified once it's inside your butt. You can absolutely progress in size over time, but start small.

Also, take a look at the design and seams of the anal vibrator. Any toy destined for your bum must be smooth and seamless in order not to nick delicate rectal skin. If you are new to butt fun, choosing an anal vibe with a tapered tip will help make insertion more comfortable.

We don’t carry toys with rough seams, sharp ends, or unsafe elements that might break in use. Nor do we sell anything we think is difficult or impossible to keep clean.

How to use an anal vibrator

Anal pleasure is best enjoyed as a slow journey of arousal. There are few peeps, outside of porn films, that can enjoy anal ‚Äėquickies.‚Äô This also goes for playing with anal vibrators, so take your time and savour each sensual thrill.

Coat the vibrating anal toy in lube and insert slowly. If your toy has beads, insert one bead at a time. There is no need to insert the entire string if you don't want to - it's perfectly ok to only insert one or two beads.

It may be necessary to insert the whole internal portion of a butt plug if that is what you are playing with. Not inserting the plug fully so the sphincter can rest around its "neck" can result in the plug being pushed out by your body. This is normal and doesn't mean that the toy (or your body) is broken.

Types of anal vibrators

There are essentially four different types of anal vibrators. Each style delivers a different kind of sensation along with vibration.

Vibrating anal beads allow the anal sphincter muscles to open and close around each bead. Use this type of anal vibrator slowly, whether inserting or moving it to & fro for a deliciously repetitive sensation. 

a string of black vibrating beads


Vibrating butt plugs¬†are designed to be ‚Äėworn‚Äô rather than moved in and out to give a feeling of fullness, plus gentle waves of vibration. Anal butt plugs are often flexible and follow the shape of the rectum to avoid discomfort.

vibrating butt plug in black silicone

Anal vibrators with an external controller make them easy to use by yourself, and also great fun as a couples toy. Simply hand over the controller to your partner and let them be in charge!

vibrating anal toy with remote control in black


Vibrating prostate massagers are specially shaped to stimulate the prostate and deliver erotic prostate massage. Prostate toys are often U-Shaped and designed for hand-free play. This type of anal sex toy stimulates the perineum too (the responsive strip of skin that runs between cock & balls and the anus).

black prostate massager with vibrating bullet

Vibrating anal dildos

If you're looking for a vibrating toy for wilder or more thrusting anal play, an anal dildo, is your best option. With over 30 different shapes and sizes, a handmade Sh! vibrating silicone dildo gives you the most comprehensive and bespoke choice.

vibrating dildo

Using regular vibrators for anal play

We would generally advise against using regular vibrators anally. However, it is sometimes ok to use a vaginal vibrator as long as the design means the toy is safe for anal play. If you would like advice, please email us and we'll be happy to help.

  • A¬†rabbit-style vibrator¬†with an external clitoral stimulator that acts as a guard. You can hook your finger around the clit stim for an extra-secure grip. A benefit to this toy is that the external bunny ears can tickle the perineum. This strip of sensitive skin is an over-looked erroneous zone but is actually rich in nerve endings.
  • G-spot vibrators¬†can be used for anal play and can be fantastic for prostate massage.¬†Make sure you choose one with a safe flared base (often designed for added clitoral stimulation) and a long handle to keep a tight grip.

Anal sex toy hygiene

And finally, a word about cleanliness: Never dip a vibrator that has been used anally into the vagina unless you take the time to clean it or change to a new condom between orifices. You may like your sex to be "dirty" - but your sex toys should be kept clean! 

Cleaning your anal sex toys is fairly easy. Spritz with sex toy cleanerÔĽŅ and rinse with warm water. Leave to air dry, before storing somewhere fluff free.¬†

Browse all our fabulous anal vibrators here!

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