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Enhancing Anal Play & Pleasure with Lube & Latex

Enhancing Anal Play & Pleasure with Lube & Latex - Sh! Women's Store

Anal play and pleasure can be enhanced in many ways, including by adding lube and latex. Read on for a list of products to stock up on before knocking on the back door.

Lube is essential for anal play

Customers ask us if anal play 'has to hurt,' and when we probe a little further, we usually find that these customers all have one thing in common: They don't use lube. 

Dry friction, people - no wonder it hurts!

Anal play should not be painful. Done right, anal sex should be incredibly pleasurable. And you need lube for this. The ass isn't self-lubricating and moisture needs to be added for a sensual and pain-free experience.

Generous application of lube will make all anal pleasure, with or without toys much more comfortable. It also ensures that everything stays nicely slidey throughout the long, slow journey of anal arousal.

The difference between silicone & water-based anal lubes

Silicone-based lube is a great option for skin-on-skin play (fingers or penis) or when using sex toys made from glass, plastic, or steel. It's slick and long-lasting, and a few drops go a long way.

Silicone lube is also perfect for anal play in the bath or shower, which is a good place for beginners to have anal sex. Getting down to anal in the bathroom can help newbies conquer any worries around hygiene, as running water and soap are plentiful.

It's worth noting that silicone-based lube could damage the surface of silicone toys, so we recommend covering these with condoms if you opt for silicone-based lube.

a bottle of ID millenium silicone-based lube

Water-based lube is your other option for anal play, and the thicker, the better! 

A viscous lube coats fingers, penises, and toys much better than thin, runny versions, so go for a special anal lube. Water-based lube evaporates or sinks into the skin after a while, so you'll have to reapply or reactivate your lube with a couple of drops of water or saliva. 

Customers often ask how much lube they should add, and our reply is always the same: Add as much as you think. Then add a bit more!

Water-based lubes are body & toy- friendly and won't cause any issues with your favourite dildos, vibes or butt plugs.

A bottle of Sh! Pure Plus anal lube 

A word about the dangers of anal numbing products

We don't sell any products designed to numb the anal area. We have many customers asking for these types of sprays and creams (it's that 'anal sex always hurts' again), but we always explain why using them could actually be harmful.

The anal canal is very delicate, and the anal membranes tear easily. If you numb your body with a product or with alcohol or drugs, you can be unaware of feeling pain.

Staying present and in tune with your body's sensations is the only way to enjoy anal sex safely. Remember that pain is your body's way of saying stop or slow down. So, stay away from anything that'll numb your ass.

Anal enhancing creams

What we might suggest instead of numbing products are anal relaxing & enhancing serums and creams. These are naturally formulated to relax the anus for easy penetration while keeping the bottoming partner fully aware of all sensations in their tush. 

An enhancing product isn't essential in the same way lube is, but many folks like to use them alongside their favourite lube for extra peace of mind.

Bottle of Happy Hiney Anal Cream

Condoms for anal play

Using condoms is necessary for safer anal sex. Plus, it's also a great way to take care of any hygiene worries.

Because of the delicate skin in the bum, anal sex without condoms (with a penis) is the easiest transmission route for many STIs. Pasante Extra are specially created for anal sex; extra lube for friction-free moves + extra thick latex for a strong barrier. Whether for safer-sex purposes or not, using condoms for anal sex makes clean-up a doddle: Whip the condom off and dispose of it. Easy peasy!

Pasante Extra Condoms in a box

Latex gloves for anal sex

Using gloves for anal sex is not only easy but also very sexy!

Snapping on a latex glove and drizzling some lube over your gloved-up fingers is a hot visual and works to raise the anticipation of things to come. 

Gloves make a sexy barrier if you feel squeamish about probing your partner's tush or if they feel worried about your fingers touching them so intimately.

Gloves are essential if you have long nails as sharp nails or nails that aren't smooth (ouch!). It's a good idea to pop some cotton wool into each finger of the glove before putting it on, as this will protect both your partner's butt and your fancy nails - a win-win!

If you're not keen on wearing a whole glove, you could easily cut the latex fingers off and cover your own fingers with them: Homemade finger cots!

If you or your partner are allergic to latex, we have some snazzy non-latex gloves.

A hand in a black latex glove

Dental dams for rimming

The proper word for oral sex on the anus is analingus, but it's more commonly known as 'rimming'.

Rimming is when you pleasure your partner's anus with your lips and tongue. It may sound shocking to some, but the anus has tons of nerve endings just begging to be licked, kissed, and touched. For those who love receiving it, rimming is an almost brain-melting experience!

Dental dams are squares of latex that you place over your partner's anus before going down on them. They are a barrier, much like condoms, and can be used for vaginal and anal pleasure - though make sure to have a stack at hand. Like condoms, you'll need fresh dams each time you move between orifices.

Drizzle some lube onto your partner's side of the dam before placing it over their anus; this makes your licking feel moist, soft and sexy.

Browse anal pleasure products here

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