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Sexy New Year's Resolutions

Decided on your New Year's Resolutions yet? Here at Sh!, we have a few sexy suggestions to add to your list!
[caption id="Discretion Vibe" align="alignleft" width="150"]Discretion Vibe Discretion Vibe[/caption]
Know Yourself
It's always good to be in touch with your own body, but for many women it can be tough to do. We all receive lots of misinformation, myth and mystifying information about sexuality and how it "should" work - something we try to combat at Sh! by being upfront and always ready to answer your questions. Learning about female sexuality is a great idea - as a starter's kit for exploring your own body, we recommend a Discretion Vibe and a copy of The Clitoral Truth - a fantastic book on the female body and women's sexual response, plus a cute little vibe so you can find out for yourself what feels good!
Be good to yourself
You deserve a treat - so why not pick out a lovely luxury vibe from our great collection? Or the gorgeous rabbit vibrator you've had your eye on?
Make time for love
It's a great resolution to spend more quality time with your lover(s), and little treats like massage oil and erotic stories can help you reconnect and enjoy each other's company...
[caption id=" " align="alignright" width="150"]Erotic Classes at Sh! Erotic Classes at Sh![/caption]
Be Prepared (Brown Owl was right, Ladiez!)
It may not be the most erotic thing on your mind, but having a supply of condoms, dams, and gloves near at hand is a great idea - safe is sexy! Combine with lots of water-based lube for sensuous sensations...
Learn A New Skill
The Sh! Girlz also do erotic classes on the skills it's great fun to have at your fingertips! If you're interested in picking up helpful hints and new techniques for pegging, spanking, finding your G-spot or learning how to blow his mind, we've got a class for you!
Try Something New (and we're not talking a Sainsbury's lasagne...)
If you want to try out a new erotic sensation - alone or with a partner - we've got what you need. With a great range of sex guides to give you an insight into new thrills, plus all the gear you might need to take your fantasies further...if it's anal play, bondage, a first vibrator, strap on dildo play, or a sensual treat - you name it, we've got it!

What's new Pussycat?

The newest sex toys to make our shelves...

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