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Free Vaginal Dilators: The Sh! Pay It Forward Scheme

Free Vaginal Dilators: The Sh! Pay It Forward Scheme - Sh! Women's Store

If you, or a family member, partner or friend, is currently in treatment for Vaginismus but unable to purchase a set of vaginal dilators for training, the Sh! Vaginal Dilators Pay It Forward Scheme could be a great option.

Sh! silicone dilators are handmade by our fantastic team here in England. Created with tapered tips for easier insertion, the dilators come in sets of 4 with a removable bullet. The vibrating bullet can help relax tense nerve-endings making the experience of dilation a much more enjoyable one.

To be in with a chance of receiving a free vaginal dilator set, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You are currently in treatment for Vaginismus (self-diagnosing isn't recommended).
  2. Financial constraints prohibit you from purchasing a set of dilators.
  3. You are happy to publish your personal experience with Vaginismus on our dedicated website
  4. You need to be able to receive the dilators at a UK address.

Is there a cure for Vaginismus?

Those who believe they may have Vaginismus are often afraid to seek help due to thinking that this condition is embarrassing. When they do seek help, many have said that doctors have told them to simply drink alcohol to relax.
At Sh! We created Vaginismus Awareness Day to help those who have often felt that they have nowhere to turn. Vaginismus can be treated with time and patience. Because it’s a condition that involves the head and body, the best thing to do is see a psychotherapist who knows about Vaginismus.

How to submit a story

  • All submissions must have a minimum word count of 300 words.
  • Writing from the heart is more important than grammar and fancy words.
  • You can be anonymous or use a pseudonym.

Please send your submission to

a pink background with teh word TOGETHER in white cursive. A set of four lilac vaginal dilators on top, along with a small white vibrating  bullet.
Find out more about the dilator set here.

The small print

We can only donate as many dilator sets as we have donations. This means it's possible that not all submitted stories will receive a free set. If we receive more submissions than we have donated dilator sets, we will do a lucky draw to ensure it's fair. The draw will take place on the 15th of September, also known as Vaginismus Awareness Day. All participants will be contacted by email.

Donate to the Sh! Pay It Forward Scheme

If you're a kind soul who doesn't have Vaginismus but would like to do something lovely for someone who does, donations to the Sh! Pay It Forward scheme is gratefully received. 100% of donations, starting at £5, go to the Pay It Forward fund. The donations are used as payment for silicone dilators, which are awarded to women who need them. This donation of vaginal dilators takes place on Vaginismus Awareness Day (15th of September) each year. 

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