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How to Njoy Stainless Steel Toys

How to Njoy Stainless Steel Toys

Luxury stainless steel toys are perfect for sensual exploration, intense pleasure and sharing with a partner. Njoy creates our favourite stainless steel plugs and dildos. Beautiful to both look at and use, Njoy products are ergonomic too - simply the best!

Njoy plugs and dildos are cast in 316-grade stainless steel and hand-polished to that high-quality mirror shine we adore. Stainless steel is non-porous and can be cleaned and sterilised, so perfect if you want to share with a boo (or two).

Njoy Stainless Steel Dildos

Apparently, Njoy has collectively sold enough Pure Wands to go to the moon and back, end-to-end. We sell more Pure Wands than any other steel toy, so we can confirm that it’s massively popular!

Njoy Pure wand in stainless steel

Steel is one of the best materials for G-spot play. Pure Wand is firm and weighty, a delight for sensitive G-spots. Coat your Njoy toy in lube for ultimate comfort before gliding it inside. This is less of thrusty toy - due to its ergonomic curvature, you can simply rock it back and forth to get pressure in all the right places. Small movements give big results!

The beautiful Fun Wand is another popular stainless steel dildo. Again, double-ended for versatile play, Fun Wand is a slimmer treat. 

The Fun Wand features three steel beads on one end and a larger, singular bulb on the other end. Switching between the two offers delicious pops of pleasure, especially if you are into anal play. 

The long handle makes it easier to use for solo prostate play. The single bead delivers spot-on P-spot pleasure. The beads on the opposite end of the wand are perfect for anal aficionados who love the erotic sensation of their anus opening and closing.

Njoy Fun Wand in stainless steel

Stainless Steel Butt Plugs

If you’re looking for a butt plug you can use out-and-about, the Njoy Pure Plug is for you. Njoy Pure Plug is designed to be worn throughout the day. This is a pretty advanced move, though, and not recommended for newbies!

The longer neck of this butt plug gives greater comfort, and the slight taper creates a gentle movement when squeezed.

njoy stainless steel butt plug


The PFun Plug is designed for manual stimulation, perfectly shaped is for hitting that sweet P-spot! A tip if you are thinking of investing in one of these gorgeous plugs, though. It needs to be held in place, or the anal sphincter muscles will have a field day pushing it out! 

Pure Plug and PFun Plug have curved handles – perfect for rocking back & forth on. Remember to add a generous dollop of your favourite lube for easy insertion and sensual play.

A sainless steel prostate plug


Lube For Stainless Steel Sex Toys

Good news loves! You can use any lube you like with Njoy stainless steel toys!

Some materials can be a little pernickety about lube, but stainless steel dildos & plugs are happy as long as there is lube involved.

Choose between water-based lube or silicone-based lube, depending on where you are thinking of playing with your toy, Water-based is water-soluble so not great for water play. If you are thinking of hopping into the jacuzzi with your steel sex toy, for example, grab a bottle of slippy silicone-based lube and Njoy!

A clear bottle of Uberlube


Playing With Temperatures

Although Njoy toys feel cool to the touch, they quickly warm to body temperature. 

If you fancy a bit of temperature play, we recommend popping your Njoy into the fridge for a couple of minutes or - very decadent - into a champagne bucket filled with some water & ice cubes. 

Warning: Don’t put your Njoy in the freezer – the colder temperatures will quickly turn stainless steel toys ice cold and *very* painful to use (and not in a fun way). 

Want to warm things up a little instead? Try dipping the toy in a bowl of warm water for a deliciously erotic and sensual session.

Shop Njoy stainless steel sex toys here.

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