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Sh! Marble Dildos - Hand-poured Sex Toys

Sh! Marble Dildos - Hand-poured Sex Toys

Did you know we handmake our silicon dildos right here in London?

All our dildos are handmade in silicone, the cashmere of sex toy materials. Essentially nonporous, silicone is 100% body-safe and free from phthalates, latex and nasty chemicals. Silicone is long-lasting, and our dildos give years and years of pleasure!

When we designed our dildos, we didn’t want to stick to the usual formula of phallic-shaped toys with varying degrees of anatomical correctness. We shaped our toys with pleasure in mind, be that a bulbed head to help hit the G-Spot or twists to stimulate the whole of the vagina.

Sh! dildos come with a heart base, making them perfect for all types of penetrative play, including with strap-on harnesses. We even make our dildos in a ‚ÄúThrill Dil‚ÄĚ version, which includes a bullet vibrator to add a little buzz to your playtime!

Three images showing the first step of making marbled dildos

making and pouring marble silicone dildos

As well as hand-pouring in solid colours, our dildo maker creates dildos with marbling effects. Marbling combines two colours to create a unique pattern.

silicone setting in moulds

As the dildos are hand-poured, the marbling sometimes comes out with one colour more prevalent. Other times, the marbling looks even or more blended.

Please be aware that the marble dildo you receive may not look exactly like the images on our website. If you have a specific requirement, please give us a call before placing your order, and we will see what we can do.

Five silicone dildos in purple and white marble 

Each of our dildo ranges has its own ‚Äústandard‚ÄĚ marble colour mix.

We think each dildo is a work of silicone art, and we love being able to offer our customers one of a kind toys <3

Lube for Sh! silicone dildos 

To enjoy your dildo to the fullest, we recommend adding lashings of your favourite water-based lubricant. Or our favourite lubes:  

  • Pure¬†is lovely and slippery and perfect for vaginal play
  • Pure Plus¬†is thicker and more gel-like. This is better for anal play, when using larger toys and for anyone who struggles with uncomfortable penetration.¬†

How to clean Sh! dildos

SH silicone dildos are easy to care for. Use a spritz of our Sex Toy Cleaner or wash with warm soapy water. You can even pop our silicone dildos in the top rack of your dishwasher!

Best Selling Dildos

The (always body-safe) dildos our customers love...

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