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Types of Dildos & How to Use Them

Types of Dildos & How to Use Them - Sh! Women's Store

Customers often get confused about the difference between a dildo and a vibrator. It's not unusual we're asked for one, when the customer really wants the other...

What is a 'dildo'

We distinguish simply: Any toy with the primary purpose of penetration is a 'dildo.'

A dildo can sometimes vibrate, but the main purpose is delivering internal pleasure.

Stroked in and out, a perfectly shaped and sized dildo will stimulate the sensitive nerve-endings that surround the vaginal and anal entrances.

And, of course, further inside are the G-spot (part of the internal clitoral structure) and prostate glands. These sweet spots offer orgasmic potential that is quite different and perhaps more all-encompassing than clitoral and penile orgasms on their own.


What Size Dildo?

  • Width is the most important measurement to get right. A dildo that's too girthy won't pleasurable to use.
  • Length is less important as you can always control how far inside to slide the dildo.
  • If you plan to wear your dildo in a harness, opt for a slightly longer one. A couple of inches of length will be lost when the dildo is in its strap-on harness.

If you are a first-time buyer, read up on how to choose your first dildo.

But with so many different types of dildos, which is the right type for you?

  • Silicone Dildos

Whether for solo or partner-play, Sh! silicone dildos are the best, most versatile dildos you can buy. Yes, we're a tad biased but our artisan range, hand-poured in London, means there's a bespoke, ethically produced dildo for everyone.

Body-safe, sensual and easy to clean, Sh! dildos can be held in your hand or worn in a strap on harnessTheir wide bases also make them safe to use as dildos for anal play.

Buying a dildo is a very personal choice.

One size most definitely does not fit all, and that's why we make around 30 different sizes of silicone dildos ranging from petite to huge. Only you can know if you (or your partner) would prefer a short dildo, a long dildo, a slim dildo, or a wide dildo but we can help narrow down the delectable selection.

Gold and White Dildos - Sh! Women's Store

  • Dildos For Two

Double dildos come in two types, traditional and strapless.

Traditional double-ended dildos are extra-long dildos designed to use with a partner. There's a shaft at each end for each of you to enjoy, either vaginally or anally.

You move the double dildo between yourselves using a pull me/push me motion. A double dildo offers simultaneous voyeuristic and physical pleasures as you both get to see and experience penetration together

Double Ended Dildos

Strapless dildos are designed for strap-on sex with a partner without a harness.

The design is that of a U-shaped double dildo, featuring one internal (egg-shaped) and one external (longer) dildo. The "operator" grips the internal dildo inside themselves (using their PC muscle) whilst penetrating their lover with the external dildo.

A strapless dildo is best for subtle moves rather than wild thrusting, as it doesn't offer the same security as a dildo worn in a harness.

Strapless dildo - Sh! Women's Store


  • Dildos To Strap-On

A dildo worn with a harness offers more security and adaptability than a strapless dildo. The harness holds the dildo securely to your body, offering the freedom to move in any way you like. The other advantage to using a classic strap-on is that you can interchange the dildo, going up or down in size depending upon mood or desire.

One partner wears a dildo strapped-on, either just above their hip bones with a regular Strap-On Harness or on their leg using a Thigh Harness. Once the dildo is secured in the chosen harness, it's ready to offer the receiving partner a fabulous time!

Red thigh harness with black dildo - Sh! Women's Store


Dildos worn in a harness must have a flared base to prevent them from slipping out. The flared bases on Sh! dildos ensure they're safe for anal play.

A strap-on is a classic lesbian sex toy but becoming increasingly popular with straight couples discovering the orgasmic potential of pegging.

  • Dildos For Sensation

Dildos made from glass or metal offer a delicious weightiness that other dildos can't. These types of sex toys feel super-sleek and sensual in use. The G-spot and prostate gland both respond exceptionally well to this heavy firmness. If you're interested in exploring one or both of these sweet spots, we can't recommend glass and metal enough!

Glass and metal dildos can be warmed or chilled for sensational temperature play. 

Glass Dildos in Bucket of Ice - Sh! Women's Store



More advice about how to choose and use dildos:

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