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Remote Control Toys for Remote Play

Remote Control Toys for Remote Play

Whether you are playing together or apart, we have the right remote control toys for you!

Teledildonics (yup, that’s the technical term for remote-controlled sex toys) has come a long way in the 30+ years Sh! has been around. In an age where the internet and communications have absolutely exploded and transformed, it makes sense that technology has made its way into our bedrooms.

Sexting, phone sex, cybersex, and video calls allow us to connect with our partners and have some sexy fun together. Particularly with video calling, we can not only hear but see our partner’s actions and reactions too!

We can perform or watch sexy shows or let our partner’s direct their own personal movie. Just a word of caution: Make sure your device is disconnected from other smart devices such as your living room TV or your work’s remote meeting server!

App Control Vibrators

If you are long-distance, app-controlled toys are the best way to go if you want control of your partner’s pleasure.

App Control Butt Plug

For lovers of anal play, the We-Vibe Ditto is a great choice. It is not a large toy, meaning you don’t need much experience with anal play to try this toy out. The clever L-shape of this plug allows for it to not only be perfectly safe for use inside the bum but also extends the rumbly vibrations down the perineum for even more stimulation. 

A dark blue We-Vibe Ditto butt plug next to a remote control and a smartphone


App Control G-spot Vibrator

If you are craving vaginal penetration, we would suggest taking a look at We-Vibe Rave. Although it seems like any G-spot toy, Rave is exceptionally clever. Rave is shaped to deliver deep vibrations to the G-spot whilst making it easy for you to add the pressure that G-spots love. The ridge allows for great pinpoint stimulation (making it fun for the clitoris), but with a twist of the wrist, you can really explore your internal hotspots...

A purple G-spot vibrator next to a smartphone

We have a range of We-Vibe’s app-controlled toys, including a love eggrabbit, and a clitoral vibe that sits in your underwear with a magnet. 

The We-Vibe toys mentioned above will definitely still work if you are sharing house space, but we do appreciate that the technology does make them a little on the pricier side. If you are looking for something cheaper, we still have some great options. We cannot guarantee these will work perfectly through walls, as it does depend a lot on your walls and other signals in the property, but in many cases, these will work well.

Remote Control Vibrators

Many customers assume that remote control vibes "should" be used when out in public. This isn't necessarily the case - there is most definitely a place for these types of toys in the bedroom. 

The classic remote control vibrator has to be the love egg. Ijoy Remote Control Egg Vibrator is a super simple yet powerful choice. The egg is rechargeable, which is handy. The remote control takes 2 x AAA batteries (although it doesn't come with batteries; make sure you order some along with this toy). 

The pointed tip makes this toy brilliant for targeted clitoral stimulation, while the curved, bulbed shape makes it great for G-spot stimulation.

Please note, this toy should never be used anally. Whilst it does have a retrieval cord, the cord is not strong enough to remove it from the bum without breaking. We’d also suggest being a little careful when removing it from the vagina and not pulling too hard.

A bright pink and white love egg next to a white remote control

Remote Control Panty Vibrator

If you like pinpoint clitoral stimulation, iJoy have got your clit covered. Just take a look at the Remote Control Lace Knicker set

Included with a pair of lacy knickers is a remote control bullet vibrator. This bullet can be slipped into the gusset pocket of your underwear (finally a use for that pocket, babe!) or used by hand. This one is a perfect choice if you want a small, discreet sex toy. Both the bullet vibe and the remote are under 3 inches in size - teeny-tiny!

iJoy toys are cute with strong vibration, and for under £40, they're excellent value for money.  

A black bullet vibe with a black remote control next to it.

Remote control toys are lots of fun for surprise stimulation whilst just chilling out at home. Leave the remote for your partner and let them choose the perfect moments to give you some thrills. This could be while you are doing chores or even when getting ready for work... Have fun! *wink* 

Browse all our fun remote control vibes here!

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